How to Start a Garden Maintenance Business

What is the importance of maintaining your garden? Is this a profitable business? What are the things you need to start your garden maintenance business?

By having a garden maintenance business you are offering your service to others by designing their garden, keeping their garden clean and well-groomed.

This kind of business is in –demand especially to those people who has heavy schedule at work who don’t have time keeping their garden maintained.

Gardening maintenance includes: Watering, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, repotting and dividing plants, soil improvement, expansion of garden, controlling insects, animal pest.

Starting a garden maintenance business requires a low capital, all you need for start-up would be: Garden designing skills, gardening tools and equipment. Your goal should be making your client’s garden attractive as it can be. This will also help you support your business promotion.

If you have a garden of your own, you can design it and have it as a sample that you can show your customers for viewing. Maintaining a garden of your own is your way of advertising your business as it will pull attraction to others.

Here are some Types of Garden Designs that you may offer your clients:

Flower Garden, Formal Garden, Naturalistic Garden, Cottage Garden, Kitchen Garden, Rock garden, Japanese Garden, Contemporary Garden, Residential Garden.

Before you start designing you client’s garden you need to ask if they have a design in mind or if they are willing to choose from what you can offer them. Create a plan; you need to know the measure of the area, where the drainage is located, what part of the house is connected to the garden so you can associate them together.

Gardening Tools and Equipments

There are basic gardening tools that you can use for your garden maintenance business: Watering can or garden hose, pitch fork, shovel, rakes, garden clipper, secateurs, loppers, gardening gloves.

These garden tools are just used for basic garden maintenance but if a greater garden improvement will be required, garden equipments will also be needed such as: lawn mowers, garden shredders, grass or hedge trimmers, garden vacs, logs splitters, garden sprayers for pesticides, soil tester.

Garden Furniture

Garden tables, garden lighting, garden benches, sun loungers, garden archers, summerhouses or play houses, garden sheds, and other available furniture that will help you make the garden more attractive.

Aside from the tools and equipments that you will be needing you may also need garden furniture for enhancement of the garden. This will be depending if your clients will be requesting such furniture.

Promoting Your Garden Maintenance Business

There are various ways of advertising your business, especially if this is a new one. Since maintaining a garden may require every month you may start offering your service first, in the neighboring area, then you may ask for referrals form your repeated customers, from friends or relatives, you may also give out some leaflets or brochures, showing samples of your work and may also placed your business in a yellow page directory.

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