How to Start a Lawn Maintenance Business

If you want to start a lawn maintenance business, you will have to choose between a part time or full time business.

The former is ideal for gaining experience and if you are quite successful, you can now venture into a full time business with a wide range of clients in your local area.

Starting a Lawn Maintenance Business

Starting a lawn maintenance business can be very profitable but this will depend on whether you’re going to do it part time or full time. Most lawns have grass and if the homeowners are too busy with their house chores and work, you can provide such service. Maintaining an attractive landscape is very easy if you have the skills and the equipment. When putting up a services business, you can cut down the initial capital investment. You can also provide services to apartments, parks, offices, and residential homes. With the flexibility offered by this business opportunity, you can run the business at your own pace.

You will need to start with a business plan. With a lawn care maintenance business, you can start from home. A home office is a great way to test the waters especially if you are also working. Did you know that you can make around $15,000 a month? Well, this would depend on how hard working you are and the number of clients you have. Establishing the business can take time and you will have to advertise the service to get some clients. You can get clients by using the right advertising methods.

Finding Clients, License, and Price

You can find many clients in your local area. Why don’t you check out the local condos, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office parks, and employees? If there are existing lawn maintenance businesses in your area, you should be prepared for the competition. At times, the clients can ask for bidding and you should win the bid. The business plan can guide in managing the lawn maintenance business. Make sure that you work on the plan because if you need to apply for a business loan, you can use. The money you get can be used for buying the needed equipment.

With a home-based lawn maintenance business, you can start with a low capital investment. However, you must create a home office, put up signs outside your home, and advertise extensively. You can start with your neighborhood and as you gain experience, you can now reach out to the nearby streets and even the city if you already have employees and several quality lawn maintenance equipment. Don’t forget to apply for a business license since most clients trust the legal businesses. Also, you will need to establish the rate of the service. You can charge by the hour or per project. Since you’re a newbie, you will have to ask for a reasonable price for your services, but not too low.


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