Starting an Interior Landscaper Business

Learn some must-knows in the interior landscaping business. Get an overview on what it takes to be an interior landscaper and find the typical services offered by an interior landscaper.

Landscaping is the art of making an area or space look attractive and natural looking and the interior landscaper does just that.

Interior landscaping is part of the service industry. Simply put, the task of an interior landscaper is to maintain and provide plantscaping services to his clients. Those engaged in this trade typically serve commercial or business establishments as well as large homes. The interior landscaper’s goal is to take the beauty of nature indoors. He does so by providing excellent plant care at the same time beautifying the interior space of a property. This includes maintaining the health of the client’s interior plants.

The interior landscaper usually employ a team of service technicians to water, fertilize, rotate, and clean those plants for him. These technicians are experts in this field and most have been trained by a licensed horticulturist.

In detail, a full plantscaping and plant maintenance service package include (1) periodic servicing of interior plants, usually on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. (2) selling or renting out interior plants both natural and synthetic (3) designing the interior landscape (4) holiday decorations (5) cleaning and trimming.

On top of being plant doctors, interior landscapers are also design experts. To spruce up an interior space and to give it a head turning wow factor, an interior landscaper makes use of his artistic prowess to design the milieu and maintain the ideal size and shape of the foliage. Without a doubt, plants bring color, texture, and warmth to the décor and the interior landscaper chooses the best set of plants for the client’s space. Not only does he consider the aesthetics of the place but the environmental conditions as well i.e. human traffic flow, lighting, humidity and so on.

Supplemental Service

    Aside from interior design and plant care service, some interior landscapers offer auxiliary service to augment their marketability. Such service include:
  • Aviary Care – offering care and maintenance for the client’s aviary needs. The aviary expert supply protein and calcium supplements to the birds. They maintain and replace the bedding and the nests as needed. They clean and sanitize the aviary and ensures that all dust particles, nesting material, and old bedding are cleared. Some even offer bird care which includes nail and beak trimming, medical therapy, and health check-up upon request.
  • Aquatic Animal Care – whether in a tank or in a pond, the interior landscaper and his staff takes care of the client’s fishes.

The Design Process

The first step in the design process is examining the space. Figure out how the spaced is used and create a mental image of how it might look like after the plantscaping has taken place.

The second step is examining the client’s needs. Client’s usually have their preference and the interior landscaper works his design to meet the client’s requirement. Another thing to consider is the client’s budget.

The third step is the nitty-gritty of the actual sprucing up of the space. This transpires only upon the client’s approval of the interior design proposal.

Other Aspects

Aside from the specializing in design and plant maintenance service, the interior landscapers work on other things too. They asses a prospective client’s interior space and prepare an interior landscaping proposal based on the result of his assessment. This is the sales aspect of their job.

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