How to Start a Wood Carving Business

To start a wood carving business, you should possess the skills and knowledge. You can hire 1-3 employees to help you with the orders. Maintain an online business site so that you can widen your market.

Use the right advertising methods today to easily attract potential customers.

Things You Need to Starting Your Own Wood Carving Business

Do you have the skills to carve wood? Starting your own wood carving business will be a great idea if you do. Woods can be turned into different works of art if you have the skill and talent. Before you launch the business, ensure you have various kinds of wood, paints, stains, power saws, sanding materials, rotary tools, cutting tools, and sharp knives. You need to invest in these things to start this kind of business.

It is possible to start a home-based business, but if you don’t want the daily house routine disturbed, you must find an ideal location for the shop. Your shop should have enough space for a business office and a work area. Lease out a storage space and convert it into your workshop. Since you’re starting, you can hire 1-3 employees with the skills to carve wood. You have to secure a business license to operate a legit business. The hard part would be to attract customers. With the proper advertising methods, you can quickly establish a customer base.

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Utilities, Works, and Online Store

You must purchase all the needed materials, furniture, and fixtures for the store. Apply for utilities because you will need them. If the store space already has utilities, make sure that you pay the monthly bills. Determine the suitable ads to use. You can post flyers or posters on walls and other areas where it is allowed. Create a business card and give it to potential customers who love wood carvings. It would also be a great idea to start your own online business. Maintaining an online business will allow you to access customers elsewhere.

Display some of your work in your shop. This would give customers an idea of what they can expect from your business. You have to post pictures of your work online for site visitors to see. You should also determine the proper pricing. Find out how much local wood carvings cost and establish your pricing, but don’t charge too high since you’re just starting. Take good care of your customers. If they order a custom wood carving, give it your best shot. Show your creativity and skills. All projects must be delivered on time, so you have to set a time frame for a specific project to be accomplished. Don’t take on too many orders yet.


  • tanekaha matiu roma said on September 5, 2010
    hi, i am currently working on starting a small carving business.. at the moment i work in my garage in my spare time away from my full-time job such as evenings and weekends.. i am really determined to get it underway and i know it will require some time and patience.. right now i have a couple of customers and which i have already done a few previously.. i am carving traditional keys for weddings, anniversaries, 21st's, 50th's etc.. walking sticks, other sculptures too and am hoping to start working on traditional wooden headstones as well.. my goal is to try to keep it all hand carved with very little machinery involved.. i'm not sure if its the best way to go about it so is there anything i need to know? could i get some advice on if i am going about it the right way? thank you..
  • sanil.a sargasanu woodcarving said on October 2, 2010
    i am ready to any handicraft job work items kerala kannur kottali
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    i have very good and unique wooden sculpture and i want to sell online or sell to retailer could u help me out plzz
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    My business is out of Schenectady, New York. Most of my carvings are commissions, celtic designs, and religious pieces. I've been working through my facebook page at BrownsWoodshop. All requests are considered and I will reply to all inquiries.
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    Hi, my name is elssie Rivera and my father has wood carving animals beautiful so realistic and he dosent know where to sell them they look like they are ready to be at a zoo. Other thing that he's working on making animals from other materials so perfect and he is amazing he loves what he do and he was born with this talent.
  • Jaime Ann said on July 23, 2015
    From Pennsylvania (USA), & I create custom hand-carved, wood-burned signs, flat wood boards and also from cut tree logs. beautifully detailed.. Prices negotiable. Please contact me for pictures.
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    Hi guys and budding businessmen, may i get complete business plan and commercials on wood carving business. I think it is two in one business. Making furniture and making various wood sculptures, design. Right? is it feasible business in town and village areas, as space req can be easily fulfilled. Plz help


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