Starting Horseshoeing Business

If you want to start a horseshoeing business, you have to undergo training or education to learn the basic of making horseshoes. This is an art and you have to possess the right knowledge and skills.

Aside from that, you also have to show the right attitude to ensure success.

Starting Horseshoeing Business

Do you have passion for horses? Not all individuals have the skills of horseshoeing. If you can couple it with good attitude and adequate knowledge, you can already start this kind of business. If you’re currently working, keep it. There is no need to rush in having a full time business unless you’ve already evaluated the market situation. For those who don’t know anything about horseshoeing, you have to invest money on your education, travel, textbooks, software, insurance, tools, and many others. By knowing the basics, you will know the different aspects of running a horseshoeing business.

Setting your goals is vital and this should be clear from the very start. After you’ve acquired knowledge and skills, you can now build your own network of contacts. You should communicate with other professionals, retail stores, vets, and other people who are in the same business. You have to purchase essential equipment like forge, truck, band saw, grinder, welder, anvil, anvil stand, and vice. You have to get ONLY the ones that you can afford. Never make it a habit to overbuy but make sure you have the basic tools. Shop tools are vital to create the horseshoe.

Things You Need

Aside from your work shop, you also have to maintain an office where you can entertain your potential clients. You will need computer, internet, a system or software program to help you run the business, day planner, telephone, and other office equipment. You can start out at home to lessen the overhead costs. Again, you have to ensure that there is enough market to sell your horseshoes. Test the market and find clients. You should also maintain an online site where you can sell horseshoes. This is a great way to expand your target market and you can get orders from clients located in other places.

You have to promote your services. If there are ranches or horse owners in your area, you can check them out and leave your business card. Your card should contain all the necessary contact information so that clients can easily contact you by phone or email. You can post flyers or leaflets to bulletin boards in your local area. If you can afford outdoor billboards, this is a great way to increase your presence. Don’t forget to apply for a business license to operate a legal business. Comply with the requirements and pay the fees. Once you are earning considerable income, you can now expand and quit your day job. Find an ideal location for the shop and office.


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