Starting a Wood Carving Supply Business

If you want to start a wood carving and supply business, you can ensure your success if you begin with a business plan.

Apply for a business license to operate the business legitimately and purchase the needed supplies/tools or equipment. You should also hire extra help to manage the business with ease.

Starting a Wood Carving and Supply Business

If you want to start a wood carving supply business, you should know adequate information about it. In this kind of business, you can use different woods like oak, butternut, basswood, walnut, white Beech, mahogany, hoop pine, red cedar, teak, pine, and Myrtlewood. There are many wood companies that you can check out to get the needed wood. Aside from wood, you should also know the right tools and equipment to use. You can purchase carving tool sets which already includes chisel, bent tool, etc. To ensure your success, you need to start with a business plan.

You can make use of software or other online tools to help you create the business plan or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Identify your target market for the business. The market study will help you identify your target market with ease and if the business is viable. A viable plan will make it easier for you to secure funding from potential lenders. The needed equipment and supplies can be costly but with enough working capital, you can start the business with fewer problems. Apply for a business license to operate the business legally. The requirements may vary from one state to another, so you will have to inquire at the local government agency.

Location and Staffing

Find a suitable location for your business. You will need an office and a workshop where you can work on your wood carvings. You can hire extra hands to help you out especially if you get several rush orders. Purchase the needed supplies beforehand and start working on your wood carvings. You have to show customers some sample work to encourage them to order from you. Aside from accepting orders of wood carvings, you also need to sell some supplies for local wood carvers or hobbyists in your area.

The inventory can be a bit costly but it’s worth the investment in the long run especially if you can run the business properly. Promotions are an integral part of the life of the business. You must advertise your business properly so that you can attract potential clients. Keep in mind that you will not only cater to customers to want to purchase wood carvings but also to hobbyists who want to get supplies. Managing this type of business can be hard but with diligence and patience, you’re sure to succeed. Refer to your business plan just in case you’re on the wrong path. It will serve as your guide to success.

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  • katumba benson said on March 18, 2013
    thats wonderful information above, but its like we are moving step by step together. Thanks very much for good information. Am Katumba Benson a super star woodcarver here in Uganda


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