How to Start a Rugby Store

Have the right know-how on starting your very own rugby merchandise store and be the trendiest store in your town equipped with the right expertise. Start it right while small and profitability is definitely at your edge.

Comparing to stores offering different sporting goods, putting up a store solely dedicated to rugby merchandise is quite segmented and small. However, with a good strategic plan in mind, the success is not at all far. In fact, there is a high feasibility that shop as this occupies a niche that attracts loyalty of customers.

Putting first things first, have a concrete strategic plan. This means tailoring the goals of the business to fit to the ever changing marketing trends. This plan determines the kind of businesses the store will be in. Things like: Should I acquire an already existing rugby store or start a business of my own? Should I rent a place or buy a lot?

By and large, the capacity to start it as a medium or small scale business is dependent on the capital investment. How much are we willing to feed in the business? Then follow the details and the budgeting plan. Or, start it reversibly by determining first the needs of the target market and making way to meet this by providing the amount of investment it requires.

Always remember that a successful business does not always depend on how much money you put in it but on how you are able to manage your resources wisely.

As a store owner, customer satisfaction is one of the major concerns. But on top of it is the question whether the business do really have a market to serve. Is there a definite market that needs the product or service you are about to render? Objectively forecast whether there are enough rugby enthusiasts that may patronize your store. Then, decide what you are about to provide. All brand new equipment, or surplus or both? Will incorporating a repair or a replacement shop be favorable?

It is very important to build customer satisfaction into the very fabric of the store. The store needs to be equipped with the right merchandise that will cater varying types and demands of customers. Thus, it is an advantage to offer different Rugby Merchandise. From rugby gears, apparel, boots, replica wear, balls, books, videos, equipment down to different accessories such as socks, kit bags and many more. Since it is a specialized store for rugby items, it will be more appropriate to make it a One Stop Shop that even beginners and the pros will prefer your store. After all, profitability is the aim and we want as many customers as possible. However, with profitability comes affordability. Prices must be reasonable enough that it cover the cost incurred in the acquisition of the product plus the mark up that may finance further expansion of the business.

Suppliers of the products should also be considered for they can influence our selling price. Another thing is the store location. Demography has a lot to with marketability; hence it must be within the reach of the target market. Also, size of the store must be spacious enough to accommodate the products to be sold and it has to have room for inventories.

It is also equally important that owners or store personnel are equipped with the appropriate knowledge to be able to give advice to customers about the right equipment they need especially in terms of injuries and suitability issues.
With these properly strategized and planned, advertising and promotion may now take place. This is a way of letting the public know about our soon to open store. Offering favorable discounts or any promotional tactic is a good marketing opportunity.

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  • Mo Ishak said on January 31, 2013
    Hi, I'm trying to open up rugby/soccer store in livermore, ca. Rugby is getting really big in Northern California, that include to kids under 8 till the men's division. I'm just confused on how would I get all the product from. Do I contact the supplier of the product? Please email me back as I'm really interested to opening a store in a Livermore.


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