Starting a Gladiolus Farm to Make Money

Starting a gladiolus farm may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you know what to do and you have the location, it’s quite easy to make a gladiolus farm to make money.

You don’t have to be an expert about these perennials. A bit of knowledge and hard work can make your farm a reality.

What is a Gladiolus?

A gladiolus is a striking flower that can be grown in perennial gardens. In fact, it is one of the well-known flowering bulbs. It grows from corms wherein clusters of dark green stiff fronds emerge. From mid to late summer, you will be able to see the blooms. There are times when some farm owners grow lilies, peonies, and dahlias together with the gladiolus. Since the flowering plan produce spikes, it is also called little ‘swords’.

Choosing the Location of your Gladiolus Farm Biz

You need to choose the ideal location for the farm. The place should have well drained soil. In most cases, the flowering plants can grow in moist and in full sun areas. Still, it would be best to have a balance between these two. If you want to have blooms all throughout the summer, you can do space planting every week which can be 1-10 days apart. If you have a large space, you can plant the gladiolus in doubles, in groups, or in staggered rows. It’s even great to grow the gladiolus along the borders of the farm. With the spikes of these flowering plants, strangers and other animals can be held at bay. When you are planting the gladiolus, you can dig out trenches and then plant the corms. Whether you’re planting in groups or in rows, 2-3 inches space should be given to each of the flowering plant. The rows need to be 20-36” apart. Keep in mind that as the farmer (supposing you’re the only one caring for the farm), you will need to watch over your plants. During the gladiolus’ growing season, you should provide ample water. The ground should be soaked thoroughly. When the area of the gladiolus is heated, don’t water the flowers. You can use organic fertilizer when the plants are already 6-8” tall. By this time, the spikes have already appeared. The gladiolus is self supporting although you can also stake them. For good support, you can hill up the soil on the sides of the flowering plant.

Now that you know how to plant the gladiolus, you will now consider the supplies and where you can get them. Make sure that you have all the required garden tools so that when it’s time to sell the flowers, you can easily harvest them. It’s also a good idea to hire extra help especially if your gladiolus farm is large. Maintain your farm properly and you can expect more money to come in.


  • Kizito Paul said on February 22, 2012
    Am from Uganda East Africa ,am a farmer this year gladiola are the plants of the year.Am a starter i would like to know a break down on how to apply fertilizers,like NPK,DAP. I will be great full to hear from you
  • Namayanja Aisha said on July 12, 2012
    I would like to get in touch with you Kizito Paul since you have already started this project. I would like to know where to get the seeds/bulbs or seedlings of gladiola and further knowledge on this farming. Thank you
  • Abhishek said on August 24, 2012
    Planning to start Gladious farm. Please provide further knowledge on this farming. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • devendra pal singh said on February 7, 2013
    i am from district bulandshahr uttar pradesh india. i want to know about farming of gladiolus starting from soil testing, farm preparation, use of fertilizers before and after sowing, distance between plants and rows, height of rows and depth of seed, watering and looking after of crop, tools required, harvesting , marketing and storing of crop ie every minute thing about farming
  • Nayyar Iqbal Raza said on April 23, 2013
    I am planning to start Gladiolus farming near Karachi. What are the dos and donts of Gladiolus farming
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  • Prableen Kaur said on January 21, 2014
    I am planning to start a gladiolus farm in Unnao (between Kanpur & Lucknow), Uttar Pradesh. I would like to know what are the requirements & where is the nearest market for me?
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    I am planning to cultivate flowers in area of MULLAPUR, DISTT LUDHIANA, PUNJAB INDIA. Kindly tell me what type of flowers i should grow up there and what is the right time to plant them ? with regards
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  • balbir singh gurm. said on February 10, 2016
    Balbir singh gurm I want to cultivate gladiolus flowers in my three acres of fertile land in punjab ludhiana.kindly advise me on the following;1. Witch variety is to be used? 2.Methods of cultivation. 3 What will be the Input cost for one acre ? What will be the income per acre per year? How about the marketing of flowers? I shall be thankful.
  • Rishi Kumar said on July 17, 2016
    i want to start gladiolus farming in bulandshahar distt.(up). need to know does and donts and where to sell ?
  • ANUJ YADAV said on August 1, 2016
    i have an interest in farming these flowers in 4 acre, gave me the details of planting material availability near to my place. Meerut (u.p.) india
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    Hello @Sanjay Parashar, This is Mary Paschal from Bangalore. I want to explore growing gladiolus in pots in my terrace for business locally. Need your expert advice on how to grow.
  • Ashish Srivastava said on May 3, 2018
    what is the Ideal Corm size for plantation. What type of fertilizers one should use. Planning for plantation of Gladiolus in 2 Acre farm. What is the Frequency of watering ?


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