How to Start a Paper Store

Sell newspapers by starting paper store which can be great earning source throughout the year. You don’t need special equipments or preparation to start such business. This process is smooth by merely having pickup truck or trailer and chain of paper distributors to collect or drop papers in nearby locality.

You can even use your car for temporary arrangement to transport papers from one place to the other.

Level of benefit paper store business has is worth noticeable. There is least chance of going into losses in it. There are varieties of choices which you explore after starting such trade. The need is to apply various workable methods with complete dedication through best business strategy. Paper recycling is one option which requires storage facility that can be used to store paper and henceforth shift them to different places as per the requirement.

Estimations are that newspapers are worth $75 plus for every ton sold. If you store high-grade office paper rates would be higher at $200 per ton or more. Assess the benefits you get in collecting them in lower rates, storing and selling in wholesale in higher prices. Dedication is the key to success in running this business. Paper is an integral part of daily life needs and we consume millions of tons each year in one form or the other. They are vital needs hence running a storage business for papers and or having fresh ones for distributions is lucrative business.

Start Your Business

The plan made for starting paper store business should be on the basis of certain crucial aspects. One of the most important factors is that you build network and run business through that. Adequate arrangement of required space for storing both recycled papers for multiple uses and fresh one for distribution ensures your business prospects keep growing. By the time papers are stored in store you keep exploring prospective dealers whom to supply. The process functions like a chain. Hiring workers to collect and dispose papers is too important.

Paper Collection Options

There are lots of options available for collecting papers to start paper store business. Different organizations can be approached for this purpose where papers are collected in nominal rates. Once papers are disposed off in market your profit margin goes up. Local people can be deputed for this in different locations. They keep collecting papers and bring them in your store.

Contact homeowners who have stacks of papers and want them to be disposed off. Making a base through such networking ascertains continuous growth of business. By the time your network builds delve into next step and depute a team in specific routes for collection. Keep your paper store busy. Sets of teams can be deputed to covering multiple areas.


  • Yahya said on February 28, 2011
    Hi, Me and my friend would like to set up a small scale paper scarp store business in uae. we have browsed through various websites but still unclear about the opening such a business activity. I would appreciate if i could get the relevant details and scope of this business in the uae region. Thanking you, Yahya
  • Raushan Kumar said on April 18, 2014
    Hi, I Want to Start small business in India (Faridabad). please suggest me
  • Pranjalkumar Jiyani said on April 10, 2015
    Hello, i want to start Paper bag manufacturing business in Miami Florida USA. Please suggest me.


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