How to Start a Manicure Business

Do you want to take control of your future by starting a Manicure Business? This is a good industry to get into in terms of mobility and flexibility.

Clients include busy people who have no time to do a manicure themselves. We have the complete guide to help you be successful in this business.

Dozens of people can apply a nail polish to their nails. But instead of doing it themselves, they usually prefer to have a professional do it for them. Therefore, having a Manicure Business could prove to be profitable for you in the long run.

Manicure Business Guide

The first thing you should do to start your own manicure business is to have copies of your license available for customers who wants to be sure that you’re capable of handling their nails. You will also need an appointment and receipt book. Of course you should invest in a phone number exclusive for your business – your existing home phone or cell phone number could be converted into your business number if you don’t need want to add a new one. Alternatively, you may also set up an e-mail address or web page where your clients can contact you.

Manicure Business Plan

Make sure that you have complete supplies of various nail polish as well as other nail care products. Here are specific tips on how you could plan your Manicure Business:

  1. Get the word out – you can start marketing your nail salon by telling your neighbors and friends about it. Running ads in the local newspaper would be good too.
  2. Choose an accessible location – make sure that the address of your manicure business is easily accessible in proximity to public transportation and parking. If this happens, you could also encourage walk-in clients to try out your nail salon.
  3. Write your business plan – this includes your business financing (whether you want to operate it as a home business or rent out a space), hours of operation, staffing, and other fees. You would most likely get a good financial assistance from your bank if you would be more realistic and thorough with your business plan.
  4. Identify your strengths – you should identify good points that would set you apart from competition. For example, you or your manicurists were formerly servicing celebrities or maybe you are including value-added treats such as coffee or tea after customers had their nails done.
  5. Target your clientele – check out your possible clients in the area. For instance, if your location is near a campus, you would most likely have college students. On the other hand, if your place is near several offices, then you may be dealing with professionals each day. If you can identify your market, you could come up with effective marketing strategies to attract them to your business.




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