How to Start a Loan Store

How to start a loan store does not have to be complicated as long as you are interested in what you are doing.

In this article you will learn how to start a loan store.

Why a Loan Store?

Money is a necessity and there will be times that people will be in dire need funds. There will be cases that there is no one to turn to and people might resort into applying for short term loans. Starting a loan store is a business that gives you the guaranty of success once done right. A loan store is something that people will always need and as the saying goes there is no death in this kind of business.


Starting a loan store or any kind of business for that matter is no easy task. Study of the industry is just the beginning of it all. Not just plain study, intense knowledge of the industry is your best tool in engaging in this kind of business. Enroll short term courses related to this industry at a local university.

Business Plan

The key to the success or downfall of a business depends greatly on its business plan. Write a business plan. Jot down everything and anything that comes to your mind with regards to your business: mission and purpose, vision, goals, marketing and advertising strategies, accounting and auditing, cash flow, etc. Organize each and every idea to be able to create a business plan. Dream big but not too big that what you want is no longer attainable.

Business Name

Choose a business name fitting to your loan store. Your business name must be catchy and easy for mind recall. It is also a must that your business name can transcend time so that even after twenty years and many have already been added in your list of services and reinvention has been done the name is still fitting for your business.

Legalize your Loan Store

To make it a legal business you will have the need to apply for all the necessary business permits and licenses from your federal, state or local licensing division. There are checklists of documents that you will need to provide before you can obtain these permits and licenses. Remember there are different permits and licenses needed for each type of business.

How do you operate your Loan Store?

Every business will need an operations manager assigned. You can take this position aside from being the owner. Taking charge of this position will give you the opportunity to manage you business carefully. Open a separate bank and/or checking account solely for you loan store business use only. This will give you the assurance that every single cent will be deposited in these accounts at the same time all expenses will be deducted from these accounts as well.


  • kamala kanta malik said on September 8, 2013
    Sir i want to start a loan store in balasore ,odisha India ,how can i start pls help me .
  • Jessica said on May 22, 2016
    Sir am interested to start up a loan store in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, how can i start it up cause at the moment i don't have capital.


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