How to Start a Flight Attendant Store

How to start a flight attendant store is like starting any kind of business. You need to be passionate to achieve success. In this article you will learn all the basics in starting a store of this kind.

Starting a flight attendant store is a viable business. The boom of the airline industry requires more flight attendants and so it is safe to say that a store for flight attendants is worth the try.

Flight Attendant Industry

Any business venture starts with an in depth study of the industry. You have to prepare by educating yourself about the whole concept of the flight attendant store business. Most of the people associated in this kind of business are those whom we call airborne professionals. It doesn’t mean though that they are the only ones who are entitled to enter into this kind of business. They have the advantage but you can be at par and/or even more successful than them if you educate yourself well with all the peripherals of the industry. You can visit as many flight attendants stores as you can. Make sure that you visit stores that will not be a direct competitor to you. The owner will more likely deny you of all the information that you need but a flight attendant store from another state will be more likely dish out vital information on how to operate this kind of business.


When opening a business you must always choose a location which you will more likely attract customers. A location wherein there is less competition to make sure that you will be successful in your chosen business venture. The most preferred location is the airport where flight attendants frequently go. It doesn’t have to big but make sure that you offer big in terms of products that customers can choose from.

Licenses and Permits

A business needs licenses and permits to operate. Go to your federal, state or local licensing division and inquire about all the licenses and permits needed for the operation of your business. You will be required to pay fees to be able to get these documents.

Product Line

The products available in your flight attendant store will the face of your business. You can have custom made products or you can contact manufacturers of products which you want to be able in your flight attendant store; rolling luggage, totes and duffle, computer bags, backpack and jumpseat bags, replacement wheels, lunch pails, crew tags, handle wraps, key chains and banners, id lace and lanyards, logo and airlines lapel pins, accessories such as hosiery and socks, grooming kit, packing solutions, skin care, etc. Make sure that you have different varieties of these products so that customers will no longer have to leave your store to look for the things they want to buy.


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