How to Start a Kennel Business

If you want to start a kennel business, you will need to begin with a plan. You have two options - starting from scratch and franchising. Pick the right one that will suit your needs and your capital.

Find a building that you can lease out and be sure to secure the needed license.

Starting a Kennel Business

Some people love pets and if you’re one of them, you can turn your passion into a successful business. Starting a kennel business can be a great way to earn decent profits. Your primary clients would be dog owners who only want what’s best for their precious pets. A lot of people are busy traveling or with their work and with this in mind, you can fill that ‘gap’. Your kennel business will serve as an ideal place for dogs that are left for some time by their owners.

In the US, pets get a lot of attention and most owners are willing to spend any amount for their safety. Make sure that your kennel business offers quality services in order to attract more prospects. If you don’t want to start from scratch and you found a franchise opportunity, this can save you time and effort. By taking this route, you are sure to face advantages as well as disadvantages. If you own the business, you will have full control with the operations and the profits. You need to secure a business license and aside from that, you also need to check with the zoning requirements. You can get the needed information from the local government office.

Building, Fence, Etc.

The kennel will need a building or perhaps a barn. Each side can consists of around ten pens but this will already fall under the large scale. You can start with fewer pens if you like. The building should have proper ventilation and windows to allow entry of natural light. The building should be weather-tight but space should also be provided since most dog breeds also need regular exercise during the day. The fence around the kennel should be secured to avoid chances of dogs escaping the premises. Dogs tend to dig and the fence should be deep enough. The height of the fence should also be checked to ensure that they can’t jump over.

The yard should be maintained clean. If there are any wastes, you have to get rid of them to ensure the health of the dogs. With this type of business, there is a high chance that you can incur liabilities. Because of this, you must secure insurance to protect your personal assets. Maintain a record of all exercise schedule, feeding, bathing, etc. Don’t forget to advertise your kennel business. Create a business card and flyers. You can go house to house to promote the business or you can also have the business listed with the Yellow Pages.


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