How to Start a Pet Supply Store

Pets are considered as part of a family’s life. They are treated as if they are human beings. They are being fed, they take a shower, and they have supplies.

Starting a pet supply store will definitely give pet owners the chance to spoil their pets more.

Starting a Pet Supply Store

Most of the time, a pet supply store sells items and supplies needed by a particular type of pet. Some would sell almost everything needed by any kind of pet. Some would sell utensils use by pets like the basins for their food, chains or laces, food in particular and different kind of stuffs that is either being worn or eaten or used by these pets.

How to Open One?

When you start a pet supply store, you should know what type of pets you are going to deal with. The most common pets are the cats and dogs. So you decided to sell supplies for cats and dogs. Well the most common things needed by these type of pets are food, collars, sometimes they are being dressed up by their owners so you might as well sell pet dresses. It is important that you know something about the kind of pet you are dealing with. You tend to sell supplies for dogs and cats so you should know everything that a dog and a cat needs.

Next thing you need to do is to find or look for suppliers who are reliable and has a good quality of products. There are pet owners who would complain that their pet got hurt because of the toy or the food they bought from your store. You should think of the welfare of the animals that will be using your supplies. So to do that, you have to make a deal with suppliers who have reliable products and are giving a good and convenient price.

Since you are a business establishment, you should secure business permits. You should also comply with the requirements of the authorities who are in the animal welfare. You should understand that even if you are dealing with animals, you are still entitled to secure required permits and license so that you would avoid any legal impediments in the future. Locate your store in an area where you have a good number of customers. Location is very important in a business. This is considered an essential recipe in a business’ success. Most of the time business owners would disregard the importance of the location because they thought customers will just come right in. You should not live with this kind of business attitude. You should be the one who will go near to your customers. You should be the one who will be making the effort to reach out to them. They are the customers and they are the ones who will make you earn so give them importance.


  • Denise Oakley said on April 17, 2011
    I live in Mendocino County and want to open and pet and farm store what permits am I required to have and or file ?
  • ambika said on September 7, 2011
    I'm from kadapa in andhra pradesh. I'm interested to start pet supply products especially dog products. But all i need is what are the main requirements to start the store? Do it require any certifications? Help me with your valuable advice


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