Starting a Pet Boutique

The grooming of pet animals has been a necessity for pet owners who love to see their pets at their best.

Also, for pet owners who don’t have time or do not know how to groom their pets, or looking for specialty pet products, they seek the assistance of pet boutiques.

Grooming Pets at Pet Boutiques

It’s been a decade since we first noticed that the industry of pet boutiques especially with grooming services is increasing in numbers. This is because the sales have been recorded to increase up to 30 percent when the grooming services are provided in a pet boutique. The grooming customers increase the retail sales of the boutique and the grooming alone is the most frequent services that many clients are looking for. These pet boutiques such as pet shops and pet salons are usually located in upper class areas. They can’t be categorized as a home based business or mobile business either because they require a large space.

The pet boutiques are built in 500 – 1000 square feet and have a grooming space of at least 300 square feet. The construction of the grooming department is much more costly than the retail space and you must also consider the electrical and plumbing requirements to be able to satisfy the needs of the grooming equipments. Furthermore, it is very vital for a pet boutique to design their grooming department considering the cleanliness factor and build soundproof walls too. Add windows in the public area of your grooming department so that visitors can look at the visible portion. Build good ventilation for the exhaustion of humidity and heat but keep the noise, fur, dirt, and dander contained.

Specialty Retails for Pet Boutiques

Your pet boutique should include specialty retails for every pet animal like specialty products for dogs, cats, birds, and many more. Discover more specialty retail pet products in magazines and online and mix them with the unique pet products that are also affordable to families in middle class that have pets too. There are many pet suppliers that you can find either locally or over the internet that can supply you with your needed pet care goods, pet toys, or pet treats for re-sale. Just choose the most reliable supplier as well as the shop with the most unique products to supply your pet boutique.
The funding for starting a pet grooming boutique is more expensive than the home, mobile and small grooming shop businesses. Nevertheless, you can start small and then just grow with the reselling locally and online. Just remember that with the grooming department for your pet boutique, you can definitely earn more than just the pet boutique alone because of the many clients looking for grooming services for their pets.

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  • Sophie Phillips said on January 30, 2015
    Chicago, pet boutique, no grooming 530 sq foot location, under $25,000 start up cost, is it doable?


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