Starting a Mobile Pet Grooming Service

If you love pets and you have enough capital, this can be a great time to enter the pet industry and offer a mobile grooming service. This is a very viable business because you will be the one to visit the client to offer the service.

Make sure that all aspects of the business are covered and addressed to succeed.

Mobile Pet Grooming Service

Almost every household have pets but when it comes to grooming or bathing, some owners prefer to get a pet grooming service. If you’re a pet lover and you possess the ‘special touch’, it would be best to start your own business. A lot of people are busy these days and don’t have the time to drive their pets to the grooming shop or center. Instead of leasing out store space, you can establish a home office and offer mobile services – YOU will be the one to visit the home of the clients to offer personalized services.

You don’t have to begin with a full time business if you’re still having second thoughts. Try to test the waters by a part time grooming service. With a van, you can already earn great money as long as you’re willing to work hard and provide quality service. Have you checked with the American Veterinary Medical Association? The population of pets in the US is quite huge. This means that a mobile business will have a high chance to succeed. Most homes have cats and dogs. If you want to offer efficient services, there is a need to learn about dog/cat breeds, the right ways to brush or clip, and the basics of pet grooming.

Equipment, Supplies, and Advertising

You will need a vehicle and some grooming supplies and tools. You also have to get a grooming table, tub, outdoor cords, portable generator, and other essential equipment needed in the business. Once you’ve secured all these things, you can now register the business with the county or city. Secure a business license and if you can get certifications as a pet groomer, your business will become more attractive. The advertising campaign should be carried out prior to the grand opening.

You can distribute your business cards and brochures to pet shops, vet offices, and the local households. Asking for referrals is a great way to establish your customer base. Check with the Yellow Pages and place your ad under the section for pets. That way, people who are looking for grooming services can easily find you. You can also place signs outside your house to inform your neighbors about your new business. Try to utilize mobile advertising by mounting the poster or billboard to the sides of your van or small truck. That way, every time you roam around the city, you can establish branding. Customers will easily remember your business. Hire a driver and an assistant to help you with the grooming.


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