How to Start a Health Clinic

Health concerns are one of the issue of many household. And it is expected that one way or another they will try to consult and get health assistance from a health provider.

If you are inclined to build a health clinic to address this, the basics on how to start one is given below.

There is no doubt that health issue is one of the primary concerns of every family. Besides taking care of his own household shelter and food, health concerns are something that he must face once in a while. This is reality that is why the government takes this subjects and concern part of its platform in serving its constituencies. Knowing this, it is then unexpected for any health practitioner or those who have an interest in health to venture in this industry of how to start a health clinic so that, even in a smaller scale, the needs of the people are given attention.

There are many ways on starting a health clinic but of course the complexity of the subject matter can be shrunk to the basics. Below are some guides on how to start a health clinic on your own:

Constituency on Start Your Own Health Clinic

If there is a term like “target market” in everyday business venture, in how to start a health clinic there is an appropriate term for it as “constituency.” This means who are the people your health clinic will give service to. Determining your constituency is an important factor and can define for you the present and future grow of your health clinic.

If you are setting up your health clinic in a multi-cultural community for example, your decision what kind of health staff you will hire is affected. In this case, you better hire health staff that is bilingual or coming from different cultural backgrounds to be effective health providers.

The Administrative Team for a Health Clinic Business

How to start a health clinic does not mean just hiring professional health providers like nurses and doctors. If you think of it this way then you are setting your eyesight in a very limited perspective. On starting a health clinic the need for an administration set up like any business is important. You will need to hire accountants, insurance specialists, and even a lawyer. These professionals are just one of the many that will comprise your administration in your health clinic. This backbone of employees are important and necessary for your health clinic since they will do the math for you and ensure that your actions and other challenges that will face by your health clinic are dealt in the right way.


  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on February 18, 2011
    My name is Lilian. I am a senior health care consultant for Health Care Business Advisers. We assist clients through the process of starting Health Care Clinics. We can be reached at (305)556-9776. Ask for Lilian.

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Saleem said on May 8, 2011
    Sir i Am Saleem from uae.. i have plan to start clinic in this city. But i want to know whats needs and budget of this business. U.A.E in Abu Dhabi
  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on June 3, 2011

    @Saleem... I am not familiar with the process in Abu Dhabi. I am sure however that you have to hire clinical staff such as physicians, and support staff and pay them what the salary in Abu Dhabi demands. In addition you must get a location to set up the clinic, depending on the services you wish to provide is how big the location will need to be. I am almost certain you will have to register the business with the Abu Dhabi government. If you are interested, my firm can handle the process for you as this is what we specialize in. Even though we are not familiar with the process in Abu Dhabi because it has to do with demand (everyone has just wanted to open in the U.S.) the process for establishing and managing a successful clinic is very similar anywhere you are located. It basically requires a business design and set-up in accordance with the services you wish to provide. I wish you luck with your project and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • michele cuke said on October 2, 2011
    I am interested in doing one of two things, either starting a hha/cna REGISTRY or a licensed home care service agency in NY. Can I start as a registry first then progress to an licensed agency; Can I start out providing homemaker/companion services and then progress to include personal care (w/licensing). How is your consultation. Do you offer different rates? Thanks, Michele
  • Mohamed said on March 27, 2012
    Good morning Lilian, I want to open a family clinic here in Arizona. So please help me
  • Lilian Bello expert adviser said on March 28, 2012
    Hello Mohamed, Please feel free to give me a call in regards to your business project. Some of the next steps to take is to identify a location for the clinic, find and hire a qualified Medical Director, and incorporate the company with the proper tax paperwork. I can definitely assist you through this process, we can be reached at (305) 492-5308.

    Lilian Bello
    Senior Advisor
    PH: (305) 492-5308 | 15295 NW 60th Ave * STE 100, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • Ramy Aslan said on February 21, 2013
    Hi @Lilian Bello, I'm interested in setting up a health care clinic in New York and have some questions concerning "set up," requirements for staffing, simple software sustems and structure. Can u get back to me and let me know how much a consultation would cost in order to get some help with these issues? Thanks so much. Ramy
  • Alice Lerotholi said on September 3, 2013
    I would like to start a community clinic in Lesotho, located at the out skit of the main town. anybody to help and advice is welcome


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