How to Open a Physical Therapy Clinic

Being a physical therapist, you might have thought of opening your own physical therapy clinic.

It all makes sense, right? You need to practice your profession and earn your own money at the same time.

Evaluation for New Clinic

When you plan to start with something, you always have to evaluate things before you proceed to the plan. It is better that before you even start working with your plan, you are already decided to do it and that there are no hanging thoughts about the thing. You will be having peace of mind with your current plans if you don’t have any hanging thoughts. You will work freely and worry free. You will be more focused with your business.

Remember that when you start your own physical therapy business, you will be working longer hours than you used to in your previous work. You will have to deal with the pressure and you can only sit and relax when your clinic reached the point of success. Also, be open to the possibility of having a partner in your business or an additional therapist in your clinic. You can’t run your clinic all by yourself. At least by then the stress will lessen because you will share the responsibility. Also, consult other experts on this kind of business field to have an overview of what you’re up to.

Open up and develop a Team

When you are already set up to open your clinic, make sure that you have a concrete business plan. Just to be extra sure of your plans, have an entrepreneur expert to look over it and see whether you are ready for the opening! If they say you’re ready then it’s time to open that clinic of yours. Make sure also to have your own legal counsel. Just to make sure that you are working without legal impediments. Having a legal counsel will also help you to check on every word you have on your customer care forms to make sure that you are on the right track in taking care of them and that they are having their well deserved care.

Be able to choose a location of your clinic where there is a great number of possible patients. Make sure that your clinic is located in a place where patients can easily find. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise your clinic. A good reputation will cause you good number of patients. Try to maintain that reputation as much as possible. Choose the best name for your clinic and to insure your personal assets from liabilities in the near future, you can incorporate your business. Look for other people who would like to invest in your business. Through this, you will surely shield yourself from possible trouble in the future. Hire personnel that are qualified for the job. Make sure to set your standards before hiring anyone. Through this, you will not have a hard time deciding who to hire. Your business will deal with the welfare of your patients so make sure that you have a great team in your clinic to achieve your goal.


  • sokun mel said on December 26, 2011
    i live in cambodia. cambodia is a country poor in field of physical therapy professional. i will my start my clinic next year. pls give me some advice. thanks
  • Mary said on April 10, 2012
    Queens new york. I am looking into opening a therapy center for population from birth -21. I am a sole proprietary and a physical therapist. what type of corporation can I open that will allow me to hire occupational and speech therapist. thank you
  • Anup Ingle said on January 31, 2013
    I have planed to open PT clinic set up in buldana which is district place in maharashtra state n in india ..plz help me out.. area of my clinic is around 450 sq ft.
  • Andrea Rodriguez said on February 28, 2013
    I have a business opportunity for a person or Physical Therapist looking to open their own business in Orangeburg South Carolina. I have a 6000-12,000 sq foot facility with an indoor heated therapeutic pool, jacuzzi, therapy area, office space, etc. It is the only pool that is specifically approved for therapeutic use and insurance billing within a 100 mile radius. It is located directly across from a large doctor's complex and 1 mile from the major hospital. If interested please contact me at 803-347-8525 or email: Andrea
  • mukesh choudhary said on October 10, 2013
    plz suggest a good name for my physical therapy clinic. thnx


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