Start a Baseball Coaching Clinic

If you want to start a baseball coaching clinic, you need to have passion for the game. You should know the game basics and the proper mechanics. Get the word circulated about the services you’re offering and charge a reasonable price.

Find an ideal location for the office and the drilling station.

Start a Baseball Coaching Clinic

Oftentimes, a clinic is associated with medical facilities. In the case of a coaching clinic, you will be offering coaching services and to be specific, you can teach your students how to play baseball. Starting a baseball coaching clinic can be hard but with careful and detailed planning, you will be able to ensure success. Begin with a plan and you will know what to from startup. With this kind of service, you will need a field and some baseball equipment. Find a small office space that you can rent out for a reasonable price.

Once you have the equipment and you have access to a baseball field in your area, you can now operate the clinic in full swing. You have to choose a certain age group that you will coach. If you’re interested in teaching small children, you need to have patience. You can also focus on teens or adults. Among the things you will be teaching are the property mechanics for swinging, pitching instructions, batting techniques, and stealing instructions. You have to pick an ideal location for the business office and it should be adjacent the training ground.

Registration, Advertising, and Staffing

You need to provide registration forms for the students and file them properly for easy retrieval of information. Try to establish connections with local athletic groups or associations. With a little help from others, you can easily gain credibility. Make sure that you’re prepared to coach baseball students. You can schedule for a full week of various activities. Don’t forget to hire staffs that can help you with the daily operations. They should possess adequate knowledge about the game and the basics. You mix the schedules if you want to but make sure that all students adjust with ease.

The weather is not always good and just in case it rains, you can contact a local gymnasium with a baseball facility inside. If this is not available, you will need to postpone the game until the weather permits. Your drill station should be properly maintained because this is where the students can practice. You can teach the, the basics, good throws, catching the pop flies, and many others. Proper mechanics should be learned from the very start to avoid problems in the future. Establish the price charges for the training and since you’re just starting out, you have to charge a reasonable price. Advertise the coaching clinic in your area by posting billboards, yard signs, and visiting schools or universities.


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