How to Start a Factoring Business

If you want to start a factoring business, you will need to know what the business is all about. You will be handling receivables of various businesses. Make sure that you’re dealing with reputed companies and customers.

Do your homework and you can secure your investments; provide around 80% of the face value of the receivables and earn profits.

There are many ways to augment cash flow and one way to do it is through factoring. This is a very effective tool that business owners can use to address their cash problems. In a typical business setting, sales are not always made in cash. In fact, trusted clients can get the items for credit. This will make up the accounts receivables of a certain business. If you have enough capital, you can start your own factoring business. Your primary business operations will be focused in providing cash advances to business owners in exchange for the receivable invoices.

Starting Your Factoring Business

In this business, you can earn money through the fees or interest that you charge. A factoring business will pay for around 80% of the invoice’s value and the remaining balance will form part of your earnings. The customer will either submit the payments to the factor or the seller. It is important that you determine the payment arrangements before you get involved in this type of business. Since you will be dealing with different businesses, it is important that you have adequate capital. Having cash reserves will allow you to earn more money. If you don’t have enough funding, you can always apply for loans from the Small Business Administration and other lenders.

If you lack knowledge about factoring, you can consult with professionals to know the industry standards being followed. For the business to look reputable, you should lease out office space. With a business website, you have a chance to meet potential clients. In your office, you will need to invest on file cabinets, desks, computers, and other supplies. To develop a website, you can do this on your own or you can hire a webmaster. Make sure that you guarantee the safety of all your clients when doing transactions online.

This type of business will require you to draft contracts. You should seek advice from a competent lawyer when making the agreements. Make sure that you’re dealing with reputed businesses. It’s quite easy to lose money. There is a need to double check if the invoice is still valid. There is danger of not getting paid at all. You have to check the reputation of the customer and that of the business owner. Always attend functions in your area where you can meet potential clients and connections. Find a suitable location for the business office, secure licenses or permits, and decide on the advertising methods to use. Enhance your market visibility to attract clients.

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    Do I need approval or a license from Bank Negara Malaysia to operate a factoring company in Malaysia?


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