How to Start a Dog Walking Business for Kids

Nothing beats the experience of doing business at the tender age of being a kid. There are many works and business opportunities wherein kids can learn how the real world works and one of this is dog walking business.

If you are a pet lover and want to exploit this venture, read on and learn.

Kids having part time jobs and businesses no doubt is a good opportunity for them to learn basic skills in performing jobs and being initiated to the value of responsibility and industriousness. It is a first stage of getting them to get familiarize with the way how things work in the real world. There are many jobs and businesses that a kid can start. This can be in a way like mowing lawns for a neighbor or working in a retail store with minimum responsibility. But if there is a work or a business that they can at the same time enjoy because they are pet lovers is a dog walking business. Just the love of being with dogs will make this business of dog walking a great experience for them and bring them money at the same time.

There is basically only a minimal over head spending in starting up a dog walking business. What matters in this kind of business for kids is the willingness to do the job and enjoy it at the same time.

Here are some guidelines for dog walking business that a kid can follow to make his or her work more fulfilling:

Advertise Your Dog Walking Business

If you as a kid have already decided to pursue this venture of starting a dog walking business, the way to start spreading the word that you are providing this kind of service is by advertising it. You can start this task by giving leaflets to neighbors and community members that you have a service like this for them. It is also a form of direct advertising if you talk to some potential clients in your neighborhood who have dogs and probably has no time to dedicate time for their daily walking. Pet owners are usually busy people and have no spare time to do dog walking their dogs and you can tap on this issue as a way to promote your service.

Time Management in Dog Walking Business

In this kind of business, time management is very important. As you have to shuffle your time between school and dog walking, having a good time schedule is important. You can opt to do the dog walking during the day before going to school or in the afternoon after your school. It is also advisable that you start first with one dog to walk and pursue double client dog walking after you have gained familiarization with the work proper.


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