How to Start a Dog Watching Business

There is a growing trend in the pet industry for pet care, particularly dog watching services. The reason for this is that many pet owners spend too much time on work and do not have time to tend for their pets.

Read on and learn how you can exploit this business opportunity for your benefit.

It has been said that many pet owners work for long hours and don’t have time anymore to tend for their pets. Moreover, summer activities like going out of town or taking a vacation some place creates the situation wherein pets, usually dogs, are left home alone with nobody to take care of them. This is the reason why for sometime now there is a trend that makes pet sitting or specifically dog watching business in demand. Dog watching professionals then are becoming partners of pet owners in taking care of their beloved pets.

Starting in this kind of business does not need a big overhead spending. The first prerequisite that is usually attached in this kind of business is the natural love for pets and spending time with them.

If you are interested in starting a dog watching business, below is some guide on how to pull this venture with the right notes:

Research the Competition for Dog Watching Business

One of the best ways to do research on the competition in this kind of business is to do it online rather than make a physical effort to know all your competitors in your area. Pet sitting business which includes dog watching is usually marketed using the Internet for easy access for the clients. You can make a good assessment on how well you can maneuver your business strategy for your dog watching business after seeing the landscape of the competition in your area.

Know the Basics of Dog Watching Business

Nothing beats the principle of knowing what business you are in than not. Since you are in a pet care service, it is best to know the basics of pet care such as dog walking and changing litter boxes. If you have the choice you can also learn how to do pet CPR and first Aid application. Nobody knows what is going to happen when you are taking care of dogs and it is good to be prepared for the worst scenario.

The Need for Joining Organization for Dog Watching Business

To boost your recognition as a serious dog watching professional, it is good if you can join organizations like Pet Sitters International (PSI) to name one. Being a member of this kind of organization will enhance your caring techniques through regular updates on pet care.


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