How to Start a Dog Sitting Business for Kids

Summer vacation is the right time for kids to have activities which they will really enjoy. At a very young age, you should train them to know the value of hard work and perseverance. In order for them to have a memorable summer, you can motivate them to involve in some sort of business which they will have a fun-time running. One of the best kinds of business that are suitable for kids is no other than the dog sitting business.

Since some dog owners don’t have much time to assist their dogs because of their busy schedule, this can be the time of the kids to learn how to earn money on their own.

If you see that your son or daughter is a dog lover even on an early age, then they will surely love this type of business. This can also give double purpose: earning money and enjoyment. By letting your kid experience this kind of business, he will develop a sense of responsibility and independence as well.

Kids Starting a Dog Sitting Business for Money

In this type of business venture, you must have several considerations to make. Of course, you can never force your child to join any business without his interest. Your role as a parent is only to motivate him or her and to give pieces of advice.

One of the major considerations in this type of business is the availability. Well, since it is summer vacation, your child will never have problems. The best way for you to start this kind of business is in the neighborhood. It would be better if the friends of your kids will also join in. This can also be a form of bonding time for them.

In order for the kids to have a reasonable pricing, you can also be the one to investigate if there are also people in your neighborhood who offer the same kind of business. Compare the prices and then instruct them what to price for every service rendered. After that, you can leave everything to them. Of course, in every payment by the customers, they will divide them equally.

To promote the business of the kids, you can also tell them to come up with their own poster and post it on a specific place that can easily seen by the passers-by. Through this, the creativity of the kids will also be shown.

Division of labor will also count a lot for them to earn more bills which they can use to buy anything they want. By acting as their adviser, you must also teach them that each one of them must have one dog to take care of.


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