Starting a Petting Zoo Business

Starting a petting zoo business is not only a delightful but also a lucrative business. If you love animals definitely this business is the perfect choice.

This would not only make you rich but can help you in generating huge profit.

Petting zoo is a popular attraction for both young and old. This is a perfect place for any events like birthday parties and it is the best place where you can expose your children to other animals aside from cats and dogs. Many children find pleasure in feeding animals. However, these days operating petting zoos declined due to the nature of work as well as the time required.

Area Requirements

Before you invest your money and time in a petting zoo business you should ensure that you have enough places to accommodate animals. This means that you need to look for a strategic location for the facility. You should consider a place where you can provide adequate outdoor areas and shelters for the animals in the petting zoo. Likewise, see to it that the people near the facility agree with the construction of the facility within the vicinity. After you have found a suitable place, the next step to tackle is to secure all the legal formalities including the registration of the business name to the local government. When you register in the state it will be handled by the department of revenue while it should be with the IRS when you register with the Federal registration. Likewise, you also need to obtain licenses and permits from the local level.

Selection of Animals

After settling the place and registering with the governing authority the next step is to find animals that you will house in the petting zoos. Keep in mind to buy pets that are suitable in your facility and animals that can be easily cared for and not found easily at homes. Determine the amount that would cost you in caring the animals as well as the maintenance of the animals and facility. It is also vital to consider the kind of animals that can live and interact mutually without harming each other. It is good idea to choose animals that can be trained in performing tricks.

In addition, before you buy animals make sure that the facility is ready before you bring home the animals. The facility should be properly secured by building fences and allowing some shady areas within the facility. Before bringing the animal in the petting zoo it is good to give them vaccination for potential diseases. In case of sick animal, isolate it from others away from the viewing area. As soon as you open your petting zoo business for the public, there should be a list of rates posted in front of the gate as well as the schedule of viewing the animals.

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