How to Start a Computer Building Business

How mush does it cost to start a computer building business? What are the things you need to start this kind of business?

One of the challenging businesses that you can start is a computer building business, why?

Aside from the startup cost that you need, you have to be a computer expert yourself, knowledgeable in computer hardware and software, it will be the reason why customers will seek your service.

What Are the Things You Will Need?

First you need to be a computer expert or have formal training on how to build computers, knows what the different computer parts are, and is able to recommend the software application the customer may use for their specific needs.

You need to canvass on different computer parts and at least find a distributor that can provide you supplies and offer reasonable price. Never overstock your computer supplies as there are improvements most of the time done on computer parts and you do not want to be left behind and be caught with old parts.

Place your computer building business in a commercial spot. Where offices, schools, government firms and other establishment have easy access, because for sure the need for new parts or new computer will be in-demand. If you would like to place it in the comfort of your home it will save you money, because will not be paying for rentals but you have to make extra effort for your business to be recognized.

Make sure that before you start your computer building business, you must obtain a license and permit to operate, registering your new business will also help you, as customer requires reliability, especially when it comes to computer needs. You may also need to employ workforce who are computer literate and may assist you for repairs, upgrades and other computer service.

You may increase your customer by advertising your computer building business in classified ad, or by posters or leaflets, in newspapers or ask for recommendation from customer you have already serviced. There are free ads online that may help you promote your business. Once a customer becomes satisfied with your work you will gain their loyalty and they will keep on coming back.

Do not settle with building computers only, you must also learn how to repair, and upgrade or recommend different software application to your customers, do not limit them on what you can offer but instead present them variety of different services.

Basic Computer Building Parts

Building a computer will cost you about $300-$500 all you have to do is to make sure that the parts that you will assemble together are compatible with each other, has good quality and has reasonable price.

Here are the basic computer parts that you need: Motherboard, a CPU and RAM well-matched with the motherboard, Video Card, Memory Card, Hard Drive, Optical Drives, Power Supply, DVD ROM, Operating System, Monitor, Mouse Keyboard.


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