How to Start Heat Transfer Business

Do you want to learn the winning combination when it comes to starting heat transfer business? We can share with you the basic tools you need as well as the formula for success you desire.

With these, you will produce professional and saleable products to start and expand your business.

The heat transfer business is an $18 billion industry growing steadily every year. From the old method which involves screen printing, it has evolved to a digital transfer printing which requires very little space and easier to operate.

Getting started would sometimes require a bit of private loan or self-financing. Demands for these type of products are everywhere. The main thing you need to do is to choose a niche market and know it well. Then make sure your clients can trust you with their names and logos. Most artworks used in heat transfers include trendy and clever catchphrases as well as licensed graphics.

Basic Tools Needed in Heat Transfer Business

There are a lot of available heat transfer papers, and the three most popular ones are Alpha Gold Dark, Jet-Pro SofStretch, and Alpha Double Green. Vinyl and flock can also be used as alternative. In addition, the inks should be especially formulated for transfer of heat because if you use regular inks, it will just wash out easily.

In short, you would need the right supplies and equipment to produce the biggest profits. Of course, you would need to have the materials where you will transfer the design – these may be shirts, mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, license plates, puzzles, tiles, etc. More important would be the design software or designers who will give life to the creativity of the craft.

Formula for Success in Heat Transfer Business

As you can see, very little tools and inventory are needed to start a heat transfer business. One of the biggest expenses would be ongoing overhead such as utilities, rent, payroll, etc. The good news is that you don’t need any special knowledge and huge space to begin. All it takes is to know how to operate a home computer.

The set-up is so easy as well. You’ll be ready to take orders as soon as you receive your equipment. And because costs are low, the finished products can be affordably sold. But just like any business, location is a very crucial factor in your operations. For example, proximity to major traffic areas, schools, or offices should be considered in order to have a lucrative business.

Another important consideration would be your use of the e-commerce or internet – this extends the reach of your business to a nationwide and even a global marketplace. Therefore, creating products that have a broad appeal can be a catalyst to energize your company.


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