Computer Operator Job Description

What is a computer operator? What is the educational background for you to be qualified as a computer operator?

What are the roles and responsibilities of a computer operator?

A computer operator is someone who is charge of maintaining the working condition of the computer hardware, its systems and daily operation. They usually work for different businesses; manufacturing companies, banks, schools, they can be government employees, as long as computer service will be required.

Educational Background and Training Experience of a Computer Operator

Having a high school diploma is one of the requirements for you to be a computer operator including certification from a community college showing that you had computer-related training. Some employers may require college graduate to perform the job.

You may have taken computer programming, software designing, computer engineering, had IT support studies, Management Information Systems and system analyst courses for you to be a computer operator. These further studies may place you an advance position (supervisory) in the company you will work for. Lastly, continuous learning will be necessary, especially for computer operation techniques.

Working Requirements

Once you get the computer operator post, you may be required to work eight hours a day or longer. Some companies placed a computer operator on guard for full twenty four hours each day to supervise their computer operation as there may be some troubleshooting or malfunctioning that may occur.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Computer Operator

  • As a computer operator you will be working with systems analyst and programmers, will be reporting directly under a supervisor or manager, as they are the one’s who will assigned you the task that you will be doing each day.
  • You may also notify computer technician of some malfunctioning or equipment errors or failure that may occur.
  • Responsible for locating and correcting program errors and taking information to be recorded of what actions had been made to solve the problem
  • Responsible for performing routine maintenance; follows cleaning procedures and schedules, updates records, making sure all storage media is properly placed in the computer system.
  • Able to follow instruction on how equipment will be used, its maintenance and proper settings.
  • Operates different types of software to be loaded, knowledge in different kinds of computer whether it may be minicomputer, mainframe, or company’s personal network
  • Sorts programs if output may be required, reviews production reports and making sure required standard is met.
  • Must have computer development skills, able to be creative and inventive. Able to provide quick solution to problems.
  • Supervise computer hardware operation, installation of new network, plans future upgrade of software and hardware systems.
  • Lastly, computer operator needs to ensure that all computers, whether it may be software or hardware system is operating properly.


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