How to Become an American Wine Distributor

If you want to become a wine distributor in the US, you need to have adequate knowledge about the wine industry. You should obtain a business license and an alcohol license.

These things are very important before you start looking for a location for the business. Contact manufacturers and sign a contract to get inventory.

Steps to Become an American Wine Distributor

Wine offers many benefits for the body. If you love wines and you want others to enjoy its benefits, you can become an American wine distributor. To do this, you should have adequate capital for the startup and a business license. Start with a plan so that you will know what to do along the way. The very first thing that you have to do is to find a good location for the business. You can consult with a reputed real estate agent in your area to locate properties that are available for lease. You don’t have to purchase the store space because leasing is a great way to cut down the costs.

You can pick a location that is near mall or other retail stores in your area. You can shop around for the best leasing agreement. Apply for a business license with the concerned government agency. Since you want to become a distributor, you will need to find suppliers or manufacturers of wine. Going directly to the manufacturer is a great idea and you may need to contact several of them. Determine the requirements to become a distributor and sign a contract of agreement.

Equipment, Inventory, Et cetera

When you’ve arranged for the store space, you can start purchasing the needed equipment like display racks, cases, retail counters, and cash registers. Design the outside and inside of the store properly. Put up a sign outdoors that includes the business logo and the contact information. Signage is very important so that your customers can easily identify what you’re selling. Aside from the business license, you also need to secure an alcohol license because in some states, your business can be banned or close out without an alcohol license. The licenses and permits can cost a bit but since it is required for legal purposes, you must comply accordingly.

Secure the wine inventory. Prior to making arrangements with manufacturers, make sure that you conduct a local survey to determine what wines are in demand. You need to sell the popular wines and some new additions. Enhance your knowledge about wines, so that when your clients have questions, you can instantly answer them. Having the skills and knowledge of different wines can put you at an advantage. Start with the advertising methods to promote the business. You can send out flyers, business cards, banners, and many other campaign materials. If you increase the presence of your business with the use of appropriate ads, you will surely be able to succeed.


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