How to Sell to the Government

Selling to the government can be a profitable venture. However, you must learn first where to start when selling to the government to be able to successful.

Annually, the US government is buying almost $200 billion-worth or services and goods generally from the small businesses.

The purchases are mostly for ordinary supplies needed for both personal as well as professional use at their military bases in the world, for researches on wide range of subjects that are useful for the country, as well as for government housing and offices. So, if you have a business, you can probably have something that is necessary for the government.

Entering the Government Market

When looking for ways to enter and sell to the government you must do your homework first and be fully prepared. To be able to be successful in winning a contract, you must first know ell your target market. For example, the government organizations for provinces may include:

  • Government boards
  • Committees
  • Councils
  • Commissions
  • Academic, social, and health service organizations that are publicly-funded

Marketing your Business to the Government

If you like to know how you can market your business to your government, you can make a phone call to the Procurement Outreach Center in your region. This agency helps in identifying business ventures that can sell their products and/or services to the certain government agencies as well as state programs and Department of Defense. The main goal of the process is to improve the economy locally so that it can result to creation of many jobs as well as economic growth.

Procurement Outreach Centers help Businesses to:

  • Obtain the needed registration with the different agencies of the government
  • Create a marketing plan for identifying agencies of the government that purchases products/services of small businesses.
  • Identify opportunities for sub-contractors that will increase the activity of small businesses.
  • Understand and use the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and VANS (Value Added Networks)
  • Know the referral and contract services with the fundamentals of basic contracting
  • Use and understand how electronic commerce benefits small businesses
  • Use different resources and reference materials

You just need a DUNS number and a CAGE number and then register in the database of the CCR. You can research all about the CAGE and DUNS number for better understanding of these number combinations. The Procurement Outreach Center has many resources that helps small businesses who wish to pursue a contract opportunities from the government. This includes FAR or Federal Acquisition Regulations and DFAR or Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations. There are also the drawings, information, and in-house-bid-solicitations. There are also educational programs and workshops conducted for the discussion of special and general government areas for procurement to business owners.

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