How to Sell Bonds

Selling bonds is not an easy task. There are actually a lot of things that you should be aware of before you finally decide as to whom or what you will sell your bonds.

Being aware of these things will let you achieve success in your bond selling.

The Primary Bonds

If you are after making some big amount of cash with institutions such as banks, agency and even government bonds are what you are looking for. This is because of the simple fact that bonds with the government and many agencies are being rated by the AAA. Aside from that, these banks have the ability to buy bonds that might be worth million dollars but will not incur any kind of debt risk. All of the banks that you know have their own bonds and they usually buy these from brokers. The primary bonds that are typically available are the U.S. Treasury obligations, Government Agency Debt (GNMA), private agency debt such as FHLMC(, FNMA, FHLBA and more, mortgage backed securities, municipal bonds and investment grade corporate bonds. The common institutions that are implementing strict guidelines on policy when it comes to bonds they buy are the credit unions, banks and municipalities.


Treasuries are also very safe when it comes to bonds, the main reason why they are being bought usually. The buying of these treasuries will actually lessen the return rate of the whole portfolio, if it is the sole investment vehicle. These treasuries are very flexible. Over time, their market value still hold up pretty well, not to mention that they are liquid enough and you can even trade them instantly. Treasuries must be sold as placing for maturity gap or time bucket.

Selling CMOs or Mortgage Backed Securities

These securities are the best solution if you want to lessen the demand for loan. CMOs, pass through and MBs with adjustable rate are paid similar to loans by banks. For a specific mortgage, the customer will actually pay for the monthly price together with the interest and principle. You are probably aware that in home owning, your first few payments will actually serve as the interest. This is also how things work in mortgage backed securities.

Other Institutions where you can Sell Bonds

Now that you are aware of the primary bonds, treasuries and mortgage backed securities, it is time for you to know other institutions to which you can sell bonds. But you must be aware that some of them more often than not buy those investments that are competitive and might deal with other brokers in the vicinity. These other institutions include insurance companies, foundations, universities, hospitals, pension funds and even cemeteries. Ultimately, these aforementioned accounts will be able to buy whatever kind of bond you have. You might as well offer corporate bonds. Your opportunities might be somewhat spotty with the said accounts. But if you want to know more about them, it will be advisable if you check out information sources such as directories. In how to sell bonds, it is a must that you give more focus to the public and financial institutions for much higher play of percentage for selling bonds.


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