How to Sell a Business without a Broker

Usually, when a business owner is planning to sell his or her business, finding business broker is their first move. This is because they don't have the right knowledge and understanding on how to sell their business on their own.

However, when you have the right resources on how you can able to present your business effectively to potential buyers, you don't need the assistance of business broker anymore.

Important Things to Remember

  • Effective business presentation for potential buyers
  • Business valuation is significant to know the value of your company
  • Modified resources and strategies for finding the right buyers
  • Resources to assist you work with your buyers to seal a good deal

Business Sales Presentation

This is the most important factor to consider when selling your business. You would not just send files of papers about your business in case one buyer is interested to buy your business. First impression last as they say, so you need to impress the buyer on why they need to purchase and invest on your business. Make sure to provide them an authentic marketing presentation of your company. This presentation should include financial summary, facilities profile and financial information. These reports must include all the data that the buyers need to know.

The Worth of the Business for Sale

During the selling process, it is the most significant that you need to ask yourself and perhaps you may have wrong answer. If you are not sure, consulting an expert in terms of determining the value of such business is significant. The pricing of the business for sale is also vital don’t price it too low or too high, just offer a price that is ideal on the market. Determining the value of your business is very important. The buyer will surely back-out if he noticed that you are not sure about the value of your business.

Finding the Right Buyer of your Business

Finding the right buyer is the most challenging part of selling a business on your own, even if you have a good business presentation and right price, it is still not enough. There are several ways on how you can able to find buyers like advertising on the leading newspaper, classified ads or through the internet. Numerous strategies like industry publications, direct marketing, newspapers and online ads must be utilized altogether. When making an advertisement is be sure to provide the right information that the buyer needs to know.

Closing your Deal

Once you already find the right buyer, closing the deal can be challenging task, so you to know all the legalities of closing a deal for selling a business. An attorney at law must be able to help you wrap up the deal by making an effective agreement between the parties involved.


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