How to Plan a Business Cocktail Reception

Cocktail receptions are very popular nowadays as it can help a business person get in touch with other people within the field. This is the main reason why you should learn some helpful tips on how to plan a business cocktail reception and make sure it will succeed.

Planning for a cocktail reception needs crucial preparation to ensure that everything will work out just fine.

The event may only last for about 2 to 3 hours, but with complete preparation you are assured that your guests’ time will all be worth it.

Preparation Time Needed for a Business Cocktail Reception

When you are planning to put up a cocktail reception, it is important that you are aware of the right planning time to make sure that everything is set prior to the event date that you have planned. The right preparation time that you should allot is about a month. Within this month, you have to think about the food and drinks that you would prepare, whom you are going to invite, venue, sending out invitations and making sure that everything fits into your budget.

Things that Should Be Prepared

Since your plan is all set, you need to finalize the drinks and food that you will be serving. Finger foods and cocktails that can be prepared easily or ahead of time are the best options. Pick the decorations for the venue and also prepare for the entertainment activities. You can also prepare some favors to ensure your guests will not go home empty-handed. Since you will be serving alcoholic beverages, consider getting the number of a cab company to assist in driving your guests’ home or prepare some people who can lead them to the nearest public transportation.

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Checking Everything is on the Right Track

After some time of preparing, do some follow-ups on the things that you have planned for. It is recommended that you do this about a week or 2 prior to the event to make sure that everything is flowing according to your plans. Ensure that there will be sufficient supply of food and drinks. Secure that the company handling the cocktail preparations are booked on that day and also ensuring that the cab company will spare enough number of cabs who can cater services on the night of your event.

On the Day of the Event

You have prepared your outfit for the night, the next thing that you should do is preparing yourself in talking to the businessmen and women you have invited and introduce those who are not familiar with each other. Make sure that no one will get too drunk and just keep your professionalism in taking of everything at hand.

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