Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

There are many ways on how you can hold inexpensive holiday party for the company.

You can research for holiday party ideas that are not costly yet gives quality and fun. Think about of something that is unique.

Giving an inexpensive corporate holiday party shows how the company values their employees. Nevertheless, being inexpensive does not mean that the party would be boring. It is a smart choice especially during economic downturn. To achieve the best result, the company should plan the time, food, decorations, guest list, entertainment as well as the venue. These party ideas can help save money yet stay festive.

Choose the Party Venue and Time Wisely

Considering the budget of the company, it is important to choose the time and venue of the party that would cost less. You can save money if the party will be held during the day instead of night time. Likewise, you can opt for a luncheon party at restaurant as compared of holding the party in a banquet hall or hotel ballroom. You can also choose a date that is not on its peak and when reception hall is giving big deals.

Cheap Decorations and Entertainment Ideas

Expensive Christmas decorations are not essential in making the party festive. Instead of using expensive floral displays you can use bowls of candy that would serve as fun and inexpensive centerpiece. You can also situate craft corner where guests can create their own decorations and ornaments to decorate around the venue. For entertainment, you can hire DJ instead of live band because the former is cheaper. In addition, you can hook up the stereo system to iPod and play holiday music. It can provide festive and simple entertainment.

Cutting Party Food and Drinks Costs

If the company hires a caterer, it is important to consider inexpensive menu. If the company is budget-wise, a buffet party will do instead of sit down dinner. Likewise, limiting the foods and desserts can also save money. On the other hand, providing corporate holiday party ideas the food instead of catering is much cheaper. You can order for pick-up trays in local delis or assign someone to organize. If the company is holding informal party, you can choose potluck. However, you need to tell the employees not to duplicate the dish they want to bring. Providing drink tickets is one way to cut the costs on drinks. You can give two to three tickets redeemable for drinks. If the guest obtains more that three drinks the cost will be shouldered by the employee. Cutting costs during corporate holiday parties is one way of showing respect to employees and let them know that the company aims not to waste money.


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