How to Open an Organizational Development Consulting Firm

If you want to start an organizational development consulting firm, you will need to possess the right knowledge, skills, and experience. This is an important consideration because you will be providing services that will affect the whole company or organization.

Start with a solid plan and promote your services extensively.

Organizational Development Consulting Firm

Global competitiveness is a great issue these days. If you want your business to stay afloat in the market, there is a need to breakdown all barriers within the organization. The thing is, people are used to traditional ways and when something new is introduced, they tend to resent or fight it. An organization or company can close because of ineffective management, unfitting reward system, outdated cultures, and red tape bureaucracy. To improve this situation, there is a need to integrate organizational development efforts or strategies. This is where a consulting firm will come in.

Before you can open your own firm, you and your key staffs should have adequate knowledge on organization evaluation, assessment, design, culture transformation/assessment, change management, leadership style or development, collaboration clinics, lean workforce, reward systems, performance metric, benchmarking, team building, project management, and many others. All these things can be learned through trainings and short courses. The primary aim of the consulting firm is to help increase the client’s viability and effectiveness. This is a wide effort that concerns the whole organization, and so you have to show your expertise.

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For an organization to adapt to new challenges, marketing, and technologies, there is a need to change the values, beliefs, attitudes, and organization structure. Such services can have an impact in planning, self analysis, and system improvement. Determine the services that you want to offer based on the list provided above. Keep in mind that you can’t offer the ones that you are knowledgeable about. Stick to the services you’ve mastered or you can hire the ones that possess the skills that you’re missing. To ensure that all aspects of the business are addressed, you will need to create a comprehensive business plan. At this point, you should already decide on the name of the firm.

Secure a business license and lease out an office space. Since you’re starting out, you can settle with a small office. Purchase the office supplies, furniture, fixtures, and other essentials. You will need to arrange for the phone lines, electricity, water, and you can also create a website. When you open an organizational development consulting firm, everything should be planned out. Establish the pricing of your services and if you want, you can charge on an hourly basis or per project. Advertise your business online and locally. You need to do this in advance. Make sure that you provide excellent and quality services all the time, so as t increase your customer base. 


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