Starting a Fundraising Consulting Firm

If you're equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills of a fundraiser, you can start your own fundraising consulting firm. With the term "firm", you will be providing fundraising services together with other competent professionals.

Be sure to hire the right staffs and draft a business plan that is concise. You can use the plan to secure funding for your business.

Fundraising Consulting Firm

In order to reach financial goals, there are times when come organizations develop fundraising plans. If you’re good at creating fundraising events, you might want to start your own consulting firm. Being in the consulting business, your staffs will be in charge of managing volunteers, head the efforts for public relations, and find prospect donors. The firm should have skills in connecting with potential campaign supports, suppliers, and vendors. With this type of service, you can charge per project basis, daily, or per hour.

Since you’re focusing on a consulting firm, you will need to hire competent staffs. It would be impossible to run the firm alone, with you being the sole fundraising consultant. To enhance the firm’s credibility, you will need to join associations and network with other professionals in the industry. There are many services that you can offer and you will have to determine the ones that the firm is capable of developing. Among these are hosting events, planning, coordinating fundraising efforts through direct mail, grant writing, online organizing efforts, staff training, providing feasibility study, campaign management, and planned giving. You will need to determine the fees that you’re going to charge for the services.

Business Plan and Online Presence

With a concise and effective business plan, you can easily secure funding for the needed startup capital. You have to think of a catchy name of the consulting firm and register it in your city or state to get the business license. You also need to have thorough knowledge about the local regulations or laws on fundraising. With a firm, you should lease out an office space. A graphic designer can help you in creating a business logo to establish branding. All communications to clients, sponsors, suppliers, vendors, and colleagues should have the appropriate letterhead. Create a website for easy access by those who use the web frequently.

To enhance your online visibility, you can write relevant articles and blog posts. You can provide expert tips, tricks, and advice on how to organize fundraising events. You can promote the business to organizations or companies in your area that wish to avail of such services. You can pitch your stories to networking events, so you can recruit volunteers, secure donors, and raise funds. You will also need to get reliable software to handle all your fundraising activities and needs. The software program can do many things for you to ensure success. Start your own fundraising consulting firm and be sure to hire staffs prior to the opening.


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