How to Open Aluminum Welding Shop

How to open aluminum welding shop does not have to be complicated. If you knew how to weld or have the passion for welding then this might be the business for you.

Many people would like to experience the pleasure of becoming their own boss and becoming financially independent.

If you are someone who knew how to weld or have the passion for welding then an aluminum welding shop can be your ticket to become financially independent.

Any business entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take a risk especially if you are betting your hard earned money into the business. What do you need to do to overcome all these fears? Knowledge is the number one key factor to success. It’s not like you think you want to do business the next day you just plunge into it. No, it takes a lot of understanding of all the peripherals of the business. Be a professional in the field that you are getting into. You might just be thinking of a shop but then again where does big businesses came from, nothing but by being small. Education and knowledge will make you stand out among the rest. Enroll in courses that are related into welding aluminums since this will be your forte. You will also need entrepreneurial courses so that you will be able to know the run around of being a businessman.

What are the equipments that you will need for your aluminum welding shop? Of course a welding machine is a must. You have to be particular with the specifications of the welding machine that you are getting. Brand name of welding machine does matter but this will be a bit pricey that those of the less popular brand names. Choose a particular brand that you think fits your needs. It could be cheaper than that of the branded names in the industry but offers excellent quality of service. Make sure that you get a warranty when purchasing a welding machine as most of products sold goes with a warranty. There are still other gadgets and accessories you will need: welding blanket, welder pliers, welders clamp set, welder torch stand, gas upgrade kit, welding spatter release spray, tip dip paste, large cylinder adaptor, hose adaptor, chipping hammer, etc.

Licenses and permits is another must have for your aluminum welding shop. Nobody operates a business without these things. Go to your local or state licensing department and apply for all the necessary permits you will need for the operation of your aluminum welding shop.

You can start your aluminum welding shop right at your own home. This is the best way to start your business because you will be working at your phase and at your time.


  • Richard Nelson said on July 6, 2010
    i am planning to start an aluminum welding shop Rear of 13 Fairview Ave. Taneytown, Md., 21787 United States
  • Ian Morian said on December 1, 2010
    i'm a welder for 18yrs and i weld a lot of different things, i'm trying to open a welding shop in maryland some time in the new year
  • kincheet said on April 6, 2013
    i am lecturer in electronics and communication stream. my family members has a background of business so i also want to do business. my papa have stone crusher mine. my mama have manufacturing of iron and steel archs , window ETC. my other mama does trading of plywood. i am thinking of manufacturing of fly ash bricks. but i dont want to take financial support of anyone. only their business support i want. rather than manufacturing of fly ash brick which business i can do?? thanks in advance
  • Kevin Bulger said on December 18, 2013
    I have been in fabrication and alumni welding for over 30 years and me and to other friends of mine have been in trade fabrication of making and welding petrol tankers and would like to start up a Business alumni and mild steel welding in all sorts of areas can you help


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