How to Farm Titanium

Titanium is one of the commonly used items bid for auction in WOW house.

This is because it makes good profit and is competitive. If you want to farm something make sure that such item is saleable.

If you know the World of Warcraft, you will notice that Titanium is one of the most preferred ore to farm. This is because of the highest value and level of the Titanium in the game as compared to other ore. It is the top ore in the war craft and is used in different levels as well as possesses the highest price when sold in the auction house. That is why many farmers are looking for the Titanium ore while farming.

Where to Find Titanium?

When looking for Titanium while farming, keep in mind that it is available where Saronite ore is present. This means that anywhere you find saronite there is a great possibility that you can mine titanium. However, you should not expect to find titanium throughout the place. Most likely, you can collect small number of titanium as compared to saronite in a given zone. One of the favorite spots of many farmers when collecting titanium is the Icecrown. You can have the chance to collect lots of titanium in this spot along with saronite. Since it is a perfect spot to mine titanium, you will notice that it is crowded with miners.

On the other hand, other zone where you can find titanium is the Sholazar Basin that is the most loaded yet most hostile zone. In case that you are not getting any mines you should reverse your direction as there are many miners ahead of you in the same route. Miners say that the northwest region also has loads of titanium. Thus, you can fly across Argent Vanguard as you can find both titanium and saronite.

If you want to find the best load of titanium the best thing that you should do is to use the World of Warcraft mining maps. This would help you to find the mines of titanium. Keep in mind that the more titanium you find the great is your profit. That is why to earn more profit you should familiarize all the zones that have mines of titanium. However, you should also consider the time of your log in because sometimes the quantity of ore that you can find also depends on the number of miners. In this sense, it is recommended to farm titanium in times when there is minimal miners playing the game. In this way you can have the great opportunity to obtain loads of titanium. Hard work and patience is all it takes to find the zones that have good mines of titanium. Once you have familiarized the maps and routes it would be easy for you to locate titanium.


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  • manish bhaliya said on June 23, 2013
    sir i dont know about Titanium but share information my friends and he said me this is a Titanium. Titanium available in my farm land well (40 feet under ) at bhavnagar Gujarat. sir guide me about business or company contact how to start of business or whom to contact . mb.bhaliya. mo. 7600036563


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