How to Buy Savings Bonds

The savings bonds of the United States are supported by full faith as well as credits of the state itself. These savings bonds are highly popular, and thus popular to the many of the American families residing in it.

The good thing about savings bond is that it is a hundred percent safe. It also receives preferable treatment on tax issues.

It is not that hard to buy savings bonds most especially if you have the right information on how to do it properly. Here are some ways on how to buy savings bonds.

Online Purchase

One of the means of buying savings bonds is through the Internet. When buying savings bonds on the Internet, you must first create your own account within the official website of United States Treasury. Now in order to complete this transaction, you must have a browser that can support a 128-bit encryption. Thus, if need be, upgrade the system that you use. Afterwards, you must gather your identification number as a taxpayer as well as the social security number that you own since it will be needed once you are filling out the application form.

Once you have done the tasks mentioned in the preceding paragraph, it will now be the time to create your email address that will solely be for the purpose of receiving the information with regards to your account. You can still choose to use any of your existing email address, only that it is much preferable to create another one to avoid confusion. Then, fill out all of the required information from you and click “Submit” in order for you to open your account. You can log in on your account via the access cards, account number, as well as your password so that you can buy savings bonds directly to US Treasury.

Local Bank Purchase

Another way of buying savings bonds is through your local banks. You can visit one of the banks in your locality and fill out the application for savings bonds. After that, have your payment to the cashier. You can inquire from the bank anything that might help you buy savings bond easier. Also, you can ask them for any advice on the process of updating about your savings bank transaction with them. More often than not, once you are done with your chosen local bank, you will just have to check every once in a while your mail about the arrival of your paper savings bonds. Furthermore it will be more advisable for you to enroll in the payroll option of the Treasury Directs. This is in order for you to have the funds automatically removed or deducted on your paycheck. It will also automatically be deposited on an account of the Treasury Direct for purchase of the savings bank.


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