How to Build a Worm Composting Bin

Worm composting is one way of making fertilizers and a great way to decrease the amount of methane.

If you have a garden you should know how to build a worm composting bin. You can search online or read books about worm composting bin.

Compost materials are good when growing plants in a garden. It is the safest way to make fertilizers that is good for the environment. It is very easy and inexpensive to make worm compost but it is necessary to know the steps on how to build a worm composting bin. The compost bin is much better as compared to the traditional compost box. You can make customized worm composting bin or you can buy do-it-yourself kit. Whatever option you may take the important thing is to ensure to have the proper composting bin.

Requirements of Making Worm Composting Bin

When making a worm composting bin it is important to follow the necessary requirements in order to build the appropriate composting bin. It is important to note that the compost bin should be wide and shallow. As much as possible, you should ensure that the worm will not crawl outside the bin. Actually, worms will not go anywhere as they are non-migratory species. In like manner, worms would dive down the surface once they see light. In this sense, it is essential to provide the necessary foods as well as comfortable bedding so that they would not leave the bin. In like manner, you can also place layer of mesh so that the worms would not escape from the air holes.

The next thing that you should consider is the bedding. Good bedding for worm compost bin is shredded paper and other kitchen waste. Worms would likely to reside in bedding that is lightly moist. It is necessary to ensure the proper air flow and dampness as the worms breathe through the skin. Likewise, it is important to pay attention to avoid the bedding to be dripping wet as the worms would get drowned. You can wet the bedding by dunking handful of bedding in the bucket with water and squeeze it to drip. However, before putting the bedding back to the bin you should pull the bedding apart to create passageways of the worm as well as air pockets.

After building the worm compost bin you should keep it in place that has extreme temperature and safe from other animals. On the other hand, before keeping the worm compost bin you should ensure that you have done the vermicomposting in the right manner so that it will not smell bad and would not attract flies. The appropriate temperature to maintain the worm bin is 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you ensure that the bedding is properly set and the location is ideal you can place the worms on the bin and pay attention to the feeding.


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