Starting a Waste Disposal Business

Due to the effects of global warming, the government authorities as well as the community are joining efforts to save the Mother Earth. One way of saving the environment is through proper and responsible waste disposal.

Starting a waste disposal business is a great idea that would not only generate income but also help the environment.

If you are thinking of starting a business, you have better think of something that can help the environment. An example of this is a waste disposal business. According to research, the waste disposal industry had earned $80 billion annual revenue in 2009. This means that engaging in this business is very competitive and would promise good return. However, you should find your niche, perform efficient methods as well as project better prices.

What to Do?

When planning to engage in waste disposal business, the first thing that you should do is to contact the solid waste management and inquire for the necessary requirements you will need. The waste disposal business would be involved in removing trash as well as recycling trash from commercial and residential properties. You should identify the kind of services to provide and determine the cost of staring such business. Obviously, you will need equipment such as trucks for loading and hauling of garbage form your clients. In this sense, you should formulate a business plan that includes all the necessary details of starting a waste disposal business. Make sure that the business plan is comprehensive as you will use it in looking for financing assistances.

The next step to do is finding suitable location. This is very important as you will deal with lots of wastes that would be harmful to people and the environment. Before you establish the location, you should check from the local zoning officials if the location can be used for solid waste disposal. Likewise, it is necessary to apply for business permits and licenses as well as register the business name to the concerned state agency. After you have done with the registration and licenses, you can then proceed on purchasing trash-collection vehicles. If you so not have enough fund you can use your business plan and seek for financing assistance from banks and other lending companies.

The Needed Certification

Aside from the business permits, you will also need certificate to operate. When applying for the certification, you are required to provide all the legal documents such as proof of inspection, business license, bonding coverage and other documents. The certificate to operate is renewable every year. It is also ideal to have waste disposal agreement with the state as well as landfills. After everything is settled, you can start hiring and training employees. As much as possible, you should hire employees that possess driving licenses. Finally, you should not forget to market your business through promotions and advertisements.

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