How to Build a Limousine

Owning a limousine is every individuals dream because it provides comfort to the passengers. It is an ideal vehicle for those with large number of family members and those who like to travel in different places.

If you already own a car it is possible that you can have your own limousine.

Choosing a Car to build Limousine

It is important to know that not all types of vehicles can be converted into a limousine. Some of the cars that are used to convert into limousine are Lincoln Navigator, New Lincoln, Cadillac, Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti, Mercedes, and Chrysler 300. If you are planning to purchase a car and convert to limousine these types of cars is what you should purchase. Even SUVs can now be converted into limousine provide that you will do it correctly. If you have knowledge about cars and you have the skills, you can do the conversation conveniently without experiencing any problem but if you don’t have any experience about it, it would be better to consult the experts.

Protecting Your Car and Converting

Once you have decided which type of car you want to convert, you must then ensure the safety of your cars features particularly its body as well as other parts. You can use fire-resistant paper in covering its body so that it won’t get too much damage when conversion is on the process. After you have ensured the safety of your car, mount the car using rails in order to elevate if from the ground. Make sure that the front and back part of the car are aligned, this is important when the car is already being cut. Once the car is already cut, you can start to process of stretching it. Weld between the front and back part of the car the base with your desired length for your limousine. Make sure to use the right equipment in processing it.

Extending the Drive Line and Other Details

When the base is properly connected between the front and back part of the car, the drive line should be extended too. The connection will start from the engine through the rear axle this can be possible using a number of driveline. Ensure that the electrical wirings of the car are connected properly to make it work. Install pillar posts for the new doors of the limousine and the floor will also be attached. It will serve as a cover of the drive line and the framework. Check the other parts such as brakes, suspension, steering mechanism, and the connectors of the car before using it to avoid problem.

Consulting the Experts

Though you may have skills in converting your car into a limo, it is always essential to consult the guidance of the experts. They must also check the vehicle especially the connector since they have the knowledge about it.


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