How to Become a Licensed Plumber

Plumbers play a vital role in any community as there will always be instances wherein one will require services from a plumber, and even more so if he or she is licensed.

To become a licensed plumber one must first either have already garnered the basic knowledge essential in the plumbing workforce, or is currently apprenticing at one to date.

At times it will be more credible to gain certification and approval from a tech school since companies and business will opt for applicants that show credibility through the enrollment of participation in a tech school.

Work your way to the top by partnering with an already licensed plumber. This way you will also get to see hands on the necessities it takes to be a licensed plumber. Though it is not always easy to deal with these people since they are not teachers, you will garner the best experiences, knowledge, tips and skills from these people that target work on hand rather than within the confines of the classroom. Note everything and be sure to review these thoroughly.

Note and keep track of the experience that you will be collecting until you reach the required experience to apply for a professional plumbing license. Depending on the state you are in and the location, you will need to consult with local government officials to figure out what you need to do to apply for your license. There will be certain certifications necessary as well as testing fees required from you. Note all of these and be sure to have them on hand once you a ready.

The most common requirements for Licensure is to acquire 720 hours worth of training or education at a tech school along with at least a 5 year apprenticeship and 9,000 hours of on the job training. The certification of qualification must then be applied for to get your provisional certificate. After application you will be informed of when you need to take you Certification of Qualification exam. It is important to review accordingly for this exam and pass it. Make sure that by this time you have completed the necessary Apprenticeship Training required form you.

Also consider the basic requirements such as the applicants’ age, usually only applicants 18 years and above will be considered for a professional plumbing license. The applicant must also be able to work unsupervised and be able to provide essential documentation supporting his or her plumbing job, inclusive of diagrams and charts. Plumbers are a type of mechanics and should therefore possess the necessary logical reasoning skills and technical know how to be considered as a potential applicant to become a licensed plumber.

It is not until you are able to meet the above requirements that you may apply for a license. Since you will be taking an assessment it is best to only consider application once you feel fully competent not only with regards to your hands on skills but your educational attainments and knowledge as well.


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