How to Become a Funeral Director

If you want to become a funeral director, you will need to think about it carefully since you will be dealing with mourning families. You should fulfill the educational, trainings, and examination requirements.

Since the requirements vary from one state to another, you should inquire before you enroll in college education. This is necessary so that you will start out right.

Things to Ponder

Everyone will have to face death whether they like it or not. This is a fact of life that you need to embrace. Saying goodbye to a loved one can be very painful but with the help of a funeral director, the whole experience can be different. Funeral directors find their job rewarding and satisfying. If you want to become one of them, you must posses the required skills. You can even learn the various funeral directing strategies. If you can find a mentor who can teach you about the job hands-on, the better; it would also be best to pick the right educational program.

If you’re a person who loves helping others who are in need or in grief, this may be the most suitable career for you. You can now take up associate’s degree in Funeral Home Service. In some places, you will be required to attend a mortuary college. So before you proceed with your college education, you must inquire at the right agency about the educational requirements for funeral directors. If you plan to study with the aid of the net, you should be extra careful when choosing the program because some are scams. The best alternative is to study the profession in the place where you would like to serve. Finishing a college degree is not enough because in most cases, you’re required to attend various kinds of trainings for the next 2-3 years. Being an apprentice can put you at an advantage especially if you’re able to find a popular and established funeral director in your area. Apprenticeship can last for 1-3 years.

Series of Exams

Board examinations are also required which will be divided into state exams and national state exams. The National Funeral Directors Association may be able to provide you with the needed info about the various examinations. Statistics also reveal that this career will continue to offer a continuous increase in employment. Salaries of funeral directors can range from $28,410 to $91,800 and this will depend on your years of experience and on the establishment that you belong. If you’re able to put up your own funeral home, then you can expect higher income.

It’s not easy to become a funeral director. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with mourning families so you need to have the appropriate education background and experience. Inquire locally so that you will know the right path to follow. As long as you’re passionate about this career, you will surely succeed.


  • shannon giles said on May 11, 2010
    i am only 13 but becoming a funeral director is my massive dream to become one would be well words cannot explain how good it would be i made this decision as made when i saw my great nans body and it made me realize what people go through everyday i am always told that i am a strong and caring person and would make a great funeral director and the service that i got from a.b walkers and son ltd was amazing and that is what i would want my life to be caring for people and grieving people my company i would go for would only be a.b walkers.
  • Taylor Filkins said on August 15, 2010
    I have just graduated high school and have been thinking about different careers. I had at one point thought about becoming a funeral director when I was still in high school, but was unsure of if I could handle it. I have never seen a dead body before. I feel like I would be fine with viewing and transporting a dead body, but I am wary of whether or not I could do embalming. How do you know if you are mentally and emotionally prepared to do be a funeral director?
  • Daniel taylor said on September 29, 2010
    please help me in becoming a funeral director in Manchester united kingdom salford
  • Autumn Pilot said on January 2, 2011
    I have wanted to be a funeral director for many years now. I have a NYS license in Cosmetology and have done hair and makeup on a few deceased people. I also was an EMT so have unfortunately seen many dead bodies. I have seen a lot of gross things and have handled it well, but not sure if i could handle embalming and restorative art. How do you know if you are emotionally and mentally prepared to do this line of work?
  • Zola said on July 19, 2021
    I want to start a funeral parlor. Can you guide me through the process?


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