How to Be a Good Office Assistant

Understanding the nature of the job is the key to uncover the idea of being a good office assistant. There are lots of responsibilities undertaken by an office assistant aside from the common work of answering the phone queries.

Thus, before you apply for such job position you should determine first if you can perform the job well.

Job Description and Skill Needed

Office assistant is a job position that implies many types of job description. Sometimes office assistant is also referred to as administrative assistant, an office support staff or a secretary. There are lots of responsibilities and various jobs assigned to an office assistant. That is why it is necessary to have the basic office skills in order to perform the job well. In like manner, an office assistant should be presentable and flexible. Being flexible is necessary so that she can handle tasks that are beyond the job description. With the given job description it is important that an office assistant should be good in communication. It is essential for smooth communication among co-workers as well as the public. Otherwise, poor communication would result to lots of mistakes and problems that you should avoid.
On the other hand, some office assistants are given the responsibility to run an office, directly support executives as well as supervise other employees. On the other hand, it would be unavoidable that the boss may get stressed of the daily job. In this sense, an office assistant should be always ready to handle different situations in the office even the tough ones and to stay calm. In times that your boss is stressed, the office assistant should be calm. Likewise, you should know how to keep things in track in case that your boss is melting down.

With all the job responsibilities of an office assistant we can say that he or she is a jack of all trades. In this sense, before you apply for this position make sure that you possess a certificate of completion from a reputable school. Some of the skills necessary for an office assistant include ability to type accurately and quickly, good phone etiquette, good people skills and organized. In addition, other office might require some knowledge about computer and you might undertake tests about your capability to handle software. Moreover, you should be good in time management so that you will know how to keep everything in smooth flow and know the priorities. Being organized is the key in determining the priority works so that so that you will not get lost.

Furthermore, an office assistant should know when to shut off the mouth. It is necessary to make everything happening within the work premises confidential. As much as possible, you should not divulge any gossip you hear about the company and other employees.



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