Becoming a Licensed Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is also called as insurance broker. It is a lucrative job that promises high paying salary or commission.

However, it is important to obtain license before performing the job.

Insurance agent is one of the jobs that compose the working population. Nevertheless, you cannot perform the job unless you have the license. There are lots of insurance policies available such as auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance and a lot more. However, it is not that easy to carry out the job of licensed insurance agent. This is because it would take patience, hard work and strong convincing power before you can get potential client. Likewise, as an insurance agent you should not only focus on selling the policy but it is also your responsibility to help customers in making decisions. Obviously, the decision of your client will depend on what they need and can afford. In order to obtain the license you will need to attend trainings and acquire other relevant knowledge.


Acquiring license of being a license insurance agent requires some qualifications. Different states require minimum qualifications such as residency, legal age and have a college degree. Likewise, applicant should pass the examinations given by the concerned agency. As much as possible, you should completed a college degree in business. You should also possess exceptional skill sin sales that is the most important in order to be successful in this job. Aside from passing the examination, you should also attend training programs to maintain the license as well as to qualify for renew of license. The training is conducted in order to determine whether you are capable of carrying out the job or not.

Moreover, being a licensed insurance agent offers you the option to work in a company or carry out the job as an independent insurance agent. There are different career paths ahead of becoming a licensed insurance agent and you should decide if which path you want to take. Take the path in which you are confident of your strengths and preferences. You should also keep in mind the responsibilities of being an insurance agent. Carrying out the job requires personal touch rather than selling insurance policy. Likewise, thorough research about the different insurance policies and companies is also needed by an independent insurance agent.

The difference between an independent insurance agent and employed in a company is that the former only receives commission while the latter receives salary. Being employed offers different designations depending on your capability and skills. On the other hand, you should also look for advancement so that you can have the chance to obtain competitive salary or commission. Nevertheless, to be successful in the career an agent should not only possess exceptional selling ability but also take time in enhancing the skills and ability.


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