Growing Jasmine

Jasmine has a variety of uses – from decorative to medicinal. Its delicate flowers and leaves are used not only to adorn gardens but also to make teas and essential oil.

Are you interested in growing jasmine for commercial purposes? There are two ways. Read it from our basic guide to commercial growing of jasmine.

Jasmine is native to tropical climates, but it is well adapted, it also grows in temperate weathers. There are more than 200 varieties of jasmine that may come as a shrub or a vine. Jasmine has many uses, from decorative to healing. Because of its beautiful flowers, it is often cultivated as an ornamental plant. But more importantly, jasmine is valued for its medicinal value. It can be used to treat open wounds or made into tea (usually mixed with green tea as base) that has powerful relaxing properties. It also contains essential oil that is used to scent food and cosmetics.

Commercial Jasmine Growing

If you want to grow jasmine commercially, the first thing you should consider is the market for your jasmine. This will determine how big or small your endeavour would be. If you want a jasmine farm, make sure that there are neighbouring manufacturing plants that are willing to buy the plant on a large scale basis. Jasmine leaves are made into tea, and there might be a tea-making plant near you that could need a supply of jasmine from your plant. The crucial thing here is to make a research. Contract growing may also be an option. Find it out.

Another option is to grow potted plants in green houses and sell it to neighbours in the city or even across cities. You could start this as a small backyard project. Because most of your market will be homeowners, word-of-mouth and extensive advertising is your best tool to generate sales. You can start by putting your greenhouse near where passers-by could see the plants. You should also put large signage introducing your project to the public. It would also help greatly if you could advertise the many uses of the plant in order to encourage people to buy one.

How to Cultivate Jasmine

Before planting jasmine, make a thorough research on the best way to grow the variety you want to cultivate. Some varieties may need special treatment compared to others. For example, if you are planting jasmine bushes, you need to situate them at a certain distance (8 ft. away) and plant them at a certain time (June to November) in order for them to grow well. Fertilizing should also be properly timed for best results. But generally jasmine grows well with a lot of water in loose soil with average fertility. It loves sunlight, but not too much; it should be protected from direct heat. They also benefit a lot from pruning.


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    Hi, i would like to know if cyprus is suitable for jasmin farming and what is involved in starting a jasmin farm and producing all the oils. Thank you for any information that you can give me.
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    I would like information on cultivating jasmine ,I'm in Blantyre Malawi and would appreciate any information on where to buy seeds for Jasmine.
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    hi there, we are based in Bali Indonesia and are considering growing cultivating jasmine for our essential soap and cosmetic products, can you let me know the best type of plants suited for the Bali foothills with generally high monsoon rainfall, Oct to March assuming we can arrange for good drainage by using mounding, any links for growing techniques, etc...many thanks David
  • Allison Bruce said on January 28, 2012
    Hi, I would like to learn more about Jasmine farming. I am in Melbourne, Australia, a temperate region. Your advice or links to growing techniques would be great. I only have half an acre. Would a different type of plant be better? Thank you for any type of advice.
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    I am interested to start jasmine business you will explain the ideas
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    Please send same iformations for jasmin in Greece. I have about 5000sqm Which type of jasmin is better to grow up
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    I live in the Chicago and interested in growing Jasmine (indoors or outdoors) to sell Jasmine Oil. Can you please make recommendations? Thank you


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