Green Avenue Pizza Franchise

Green Avenue Pizza is among the most in demand pizzas in the Philippines. Now, this offers its own franchise opportunity to people who are looking for additional source of income.

If you are looking for possible source of income, it is a wise choice to avail it.

To those who are planning to take advantage of Green Avenue Pizza franchise, there are some things you need to know first about the matter. This is to help you understand how you can obtain this franchise opportunity.

Contact the Franchise Manager

One of the very first things you need to know if you are planning to take advantage of Green Avenue Pizza franchise is to contact the franchise manager. These are the professionals who will orient you about the business as well as the other information you need to know about the matter. In addition to that, these professionals will also provide you the franchise application form needed in obtaining the business. You can either contact a franchise manager through the internet or through the making phone calls. Surely, you will be entertained by friendly and knowledgeable franchise representative.

Orientation Phase

Once you have contacted the franchise manager, the next thing you need to do is to undergo the orientation phase. The orientation phase is where you will be oriented fully of the nature of the business, how you can manage the venture in the future and how you can help in increasing the credibility of the business in general. The orientation is usually free. Thus, you do not need to spend too much money in terms of availing this kind of activity. This is initiated by experienced franchise holders and managers. Therefore, you can get a chance to understand in depth information about the franchise opportunity.

Finding Location

Like any other forms of franchise opportunities, you also need to look for the right location to establish the venture. Usually, the management of the company can help you find the location suited for the business. Usually, there are some factors considered in order to find the best location. Examples of these are access to both the company and to the customers, size of the location and the competition present in the place. The equipment and the other supplies needed in rendering the products are usually supplied by the management of the company.

Business Funding

Moreover, you also need to consider the funding of your business. If you are in need of additional source of income, you can try collaborating with the company for possible installment options. Moreover, you can also apply for loans and other funding options if you want to. If you know some of your loved ones who have enough financial resources, you can also borrow them the money you need in order to finance the business. Surely, you can easily collect the money you need in order to serve as the fun needed in obtaining the franchise opportunity.


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