Finding the Value of Old Coins

Coins play an important role in our society. Primarily because it is the best way on how we can able to purchase things and pay for our things as well. However, old coins are more important because it is somewhat as priceless because it is part of history. Finding the value of old coins can help you how you can able to sell them in a price that is right and reasonable.

Many people spend their time just to look for old coins that they will collect.

Finding the Value of Old Coins

One of the first steps on how you can determine the value of old coins is to analyze them. If the coins are from the U.S. you may see the chart of the U.S. Old Coins Identification. Each coin in the country has the words, “United States of America” on it. Even though some coins just have the abbreviated “U.S.” on some older coins. In the event that it is not included in the chart, it can be a commemorative coin that a circulating coin. You can identify them if you get a copy of U.S. Coins Red Book.

  • Old Coins outside the U.S.

    In the event that your coin doesn’t seem to indicate that they are from the United States, they would normally name in some other country. In most situations, you must be able to determine which country it came from, even though it may be difficult especially if the languages of the coins used are not familiar to you. In this case you need to use your savvy on the internet look for possible date of the coin by typing the name of the country it has. As you know, there are numerous websites out there that can lead you to finding the value of the coin you possess. In the event that your old coin does not have country name then you can try to check them at Don’s World Coin Gallery. In this web site there are wide arrays of photos of coins from over 400 countries worldwide from past to present. The after determining the coin you can now able to see its information as well as its value.

  • Old Coins That Cannot be identified

    Not all coins can be identified by trying the above mentioned ways. In this case, it may just be a pattern, round or token that resembles a coin. Try to type the captions on the search engine. If the old coin does not have a country name or denomination, it is certainly that it isn’t a official coin of the government. It may also indicate that the coin you posses are not worthy because few people are just interested in this coin.


  • Kwaku Klah said on September 6, 2011
    I have some old coins and I'm going to look for more of them. Please show me step-by-step as to how I can sell them. I'm from Accra, Ghana. Thanks. Klah Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
  • kwaku adu harrison said on October 7, 2011
    i have very old us coins dating back to 1888 and old ghanaian do i sell them?
  • sami said on April 8, 2013
    I have one very very old hand made coin i got from my great grandfather. I wanna know where is from or how much value is it ? And it's a eagle coin. Regards, Sami


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