How to Get a Barber License

Being a barber is a good choice of profession if you have great passion in haircutting particularly among males, but do you know how to get a barber license without problems?

There are several steps on how to get a barber license, and they should be followed accordingly so you can start with your chosen job without getting into trouble.

Do you know How to Get a Barber License?

The job of a barber is very important in the society as he can provide haircutting services, in particulars to the males. This well-paid profession is one of the decent jobs that a decent man can get hold of and continuously being appreciated by the general public for many years, despite of the fact that hair salons are becoming more popular nowadays. Becoming a barber follow a rigid process just like the other professions and the right path for this career is through obtaining a barber license as required by the state. Every candidate is preferably suggested to take the necessary education as the initial step for this rewarding career.

If you think that you have the greatest potential of becoming a reputable barber in your community then you should not miss this chance as we give you the steps on how to obtain your barber license in the simplest and easiest way.

Recommended Steps to Apply for a Barber License

Becoming a barber is not easy as just receiving a simple education and a certification, the most important ticket to this productive and creative job is obtaining a barber license. Just follow these recommended steps so you can get your license without having any troubles.

  • Acquiring education. Definitely the candidate is required to finish his primary and secondary education prior to taking short course in a barber school. After receiving a high school diploma, your next step is to look for an accredited barber school or college that offers the appropriate barber program. There are some community colleges where you can enroll in and complete a course (1500 hours is the minimum and this may increase depending on the requirements of the state) wherein you will learn the basics of haircutting and grooming for males. It is estimated that about more or less $5,000 is the total cost of the whole course that also includes hands-on and training. Once you have received the certification from an accredited barber college, getting your barber license will not be a big deal after all. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old when you finish the course for you to be qualified for the barber license.
  • Take and pass the barber exam. – After receiving a barber certification you are just few steps away for your license, your next goal is take the barber exam as prepared by the state where you want to practice the profession and pass it eventually. There will be a corresponding fee for you to be able to take the exam and you must show your certification as a proof that you have completed the course. Certain criteria may vary depending on the state. If you pass, you’ll get your license through mail within a month or less then you can start the job legally.


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