Famous Women Business Leaders

Women these days have made their mark in leading the business industry. It is no surprise for the new generation of women today is more aggressive and more optimistic when it comes to business.

Here are some insights on the top 3 women business leaders.

The Top 3 Famous Women Entrepreneurs

Here are the top 3 women business leaders who have made their mark in the industry and their background.

  • Mary Parker Follett
  • Mary was born in Quincy, Massachusetts sometime in 1968. She was a social worker and a management theory writer and speaker. She was famous for the ideas on the human psychology and relations being introduced to the industrial management. During her early years she was always the best student in her class. She even used the inheritance she had to get an education in the Society for Collegiate Instruction of Women sponsored by Harvard. She also studied in Newham College in Cambridge.

    She was also the Vice President of the National Community Center Association and had her book regarding the topics on community, government and democracy.

  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Elizabeth’s father was a foreign grocer in Ontario, Canada when she was born. She’s the fifth child out of the five children. Elizabeth was a business executive, beauty salon and spa owner and a cosmetics manufacturer.

    She first worked as a helper in a small cosmetic shop and later on she worked as a beauty salon partner. Because of a problem with her partner, she opened her own parlor and spa. She then started to formulate, produce and sell her own cosmetic products. From then on, she expanded her cosmetic manufacturing business and it reached France and all over the European market. She then married Thomas Lewis who is an American and this became her pass to be an American citizen. She was managed by her husband in most of her businesses until they went separate ways and go divorced in 1935. In 1942, Elizabeth got married this time with Prince Michael Evlonoff but their marriage did not last long. It only lasted until 1944. She dedicated her time teaching women on how to properly apply makeup and she was the pioneer in giving the concepts of scientific formulation of makeup including the process of beauty makeovers and coordinating the color of the lip, eye and face.

  • Coco Chanel
  • Coco was born in 1883 in Saumur. She had five siblings who were later on abandoned by her father when her mother died. She adopted the name Coco when she became a café and concert singer sometime in 1905 to 1908. Being the mistress of a rich military officer and later on of an English industrialist, she got all the resources she need to start up her millinery shop in 1910.
    She is known for the Chanel Suit, Jackets and bags which are being patronized by the women of today.

Their Remarks and Tips to Be Like Them

They are all remarkable for their great effort in contributing to the business industry not just through the products they made but also to the knowledge they have shared to people. To be like them, one must be passionate enough to the craft that they do. They must also know their goal in life to be able to make a good mark in the business that they plan to have.


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